Style Guide: 5 Ways To Dress Up Curves Without Cinching The Waist

Apr 06, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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Being a curvy woman is not so much about numbers, but it seems to have to do with harmony and feeling good about yourself. Curvy women are very sexy thanks to their roundness that makes them super feminine.


Who said that to dress well that it is essential to be slim and slender? Who said curvy women only have to wear black and can't wear tight dresses and colorful patterns?

Forget these absurd rules: it's not about the size you wear but the way you wear it! Learn how to dress for the body you have, and you will always remain stylish.

1. Go For Peplums And Layers


Peplums create the illusion of a curvier figure, and that is why women of all body types have always loved it. When choosing peplums, make sure to choose one that is stiff and has excellent structure.

When wearing peplums, opt for more fitted bottoms like pencil skirts and slim pants. Skirts below your knees tend to create a tapered look that will make your hips look curvier and your waist smaller.

2. Low Necklines


Those with generous breasts can focus on the neckline to shift attention to another area of ​​the body. Therefore choose dresses or blouses that highlight the upper part.

Also, always choose soft lines and avoid tight-fitting tops or too short, focusing on the belly. Outfits with lower necklines, especially deeper necklines, are great because they break up the area and draw attention to your face.

3. Choose Colorful Fabrics And Patterns


Choosing suitable fabrics and color is essential if we want to dress up the curves. Say yes to cotton, satin, and soft and slippery materials such as viscose, but you can also choose chiffon and lace because they do not give volume to the shapes.

No to polyester, elastane, and anything that wraps the body like cellophane and avoid draping on the stomach. Among the patterns, choose small polka dots and vertical stripes that refine the silhouette.

4. Stripes


Stripes had a bad name in the past, but these days curvy women can use the optical illusion for good. Choosing asymmetrical lines makes curvy women look taller.

Look for stripes that go towards your waistline, and your silhouette will be flattered. This also makes you look curvier without having to use a belt.

5. Off Shoulders


Off shoulders bring attention to your neck and shoulder area. Choose one that does not add too much volume to your look. When paired with a flared or A-line skirts, it creates an hourglass shape.

If you have curvier around your hips, then you can choose to pair it with a straight skirt or pencil skirt. The idea is to avoid volume in areas where you are endowed.