Style Guide: How To Wear Wide-Leg Pants Trend

May 10, 2021
02:00 P.M.
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If you're tired of seeing the skinny jeans, tight pants, and leggings in your wardrobe, wide-leg pants will be your most faithful allies this season. This delightfully retro style has never gone out of style and is a trendy must-have.


The wide pants give off a chic allure and have the advantage of being suitable to all body types, provided you find the right style and the right accessories.

In the evening in a chic version, we can wear it during the day in casual mode: it adapts to all situations. Wide-leg pants are a versatile garment with a thousand possible combinations.



The high-waisted wide-legged pants are among the most elegant. With this type of trousers, our advice is not to hide the high waist, but rather to highlight this feature.

How do you achieve this? Wear a belt! You can also choose pants with details on the waistline. Another method is to opt for a crop top or tuck it into the pants themselves if you choose a longer top.

Suit Up!


Do you have a business meeting or attending an event? If you want to make an entrance with your look, then a wide-legged pantsuit will do the trick.

The suit is the most obvious choice to reinvent by recalling the 60s mood. Accessorize to suit your destination, and you are good to go. The wide brim hat here elevated the look and took it from just regular to wow!

Keep It Colorful


Why choose dull tones when you can come alive in colors. From the start of spring until the end of summer and beyond, colorful shades should fill our wardrobes and influence our clothing choices.

The vibrant yellow pants paired with a purple cardigan are enough inspiration for days. You can wear this look for just about any occasion. You may not know it, but you can be chic even with flared trousers.

Be Stylish But Make It Retro


Being a timeless myth, a symbol of rebellion, and the need for freedom, why not take your style back in time. They were iconic in the 60s and synonymous with non-conformism for 70s fashion.

Throw on a scarf and some shades to complete your retro look. All that's left now is a convertible car as you drive through windy roads. All seasoned fashionistas should dare this retro but elegant look.

Pair It With A Belt


If it highlights the waist, you can accentuate the effect with a big belt in another color. The contrasting impact created will make you look more stylish while showing off your waist and hips.

Besides the belt adding an attractive focal point to the ensemble, you also want to wear heels you are comfortable with for an elegant and chic look.