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Summer Survival Guide To Avoiding Skin Peeling After Sunburn


June 18, 2021

Have you finally spent the first few days on the beach but do you have an intense redness here and there on your body? You've probably been in the sun too much or applied inadequate protection; now what?

Keep calm: let's see together how not to peel after a sunburn and avoid that hateful and unsightly "Dalmatian effect" on the skin! But, first, you need to assess the extent of the sunburn and if blisters and fever also appear, see a doctor.

Suppose the situation is under control and you notice that it is mild erythema. In that case, you can use some home remedies and some genuinely miraculous products to treat red and dehydrated skin from the sun.

How To Stop The Peeling?

It is not possible to avoid the peeling step after a sunburn because it is this step that allows the body to shed the damaged epidermis layer and replace it with a new one. However, you can limit the damage with a few tips.

Pay particular attention to the parts of the skin starting to peel. For example, it is recommended to massage the affected areas with after-sun milk or moisturizer three times a day. Also, remember to drink plenty to rehydrate your body.

Peeling is inevitable, but adopting the right reflexes can help speed recovery. It is, for example, possible to use regenerating masks to reduce water loss caused by sunburn and restore the hydrolipidic film.

To do this, use a very oily cream or, better yet, shea butter or monoi oil and apply a thick layer to affected areas, massaging very gently. If you have peeling feet, you can then slip them into very soft and loosely tight socks so that the product takes effect in depth.


Sunburn can often be accompanied by dehydration. So drink plenty to replenish fluid and keep skin hydrated. It will then be able to speed up the repair process on its own.

The watermelon also reduces the effects of sunburn: it is very moisturizing and contains vitamin C to regenerate the affected skin faster.

Avoid Hot Showers

Even though summer is a time to take cold showers to cool off, it seems important to note that hot showers, which tend to dry out the skin, will only worsen the condition of your peeling skin. So avoid them, and choose a cold or lukewarm shower with a moisturizer.

Do Not Exfoliate


The temptation to exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and flaking is excellent. It is a bad idea, however. You risk worsening the situation for your already fragile skin. So don't try to change your skin at all costs.

Do Not Tear Off The Peeling Skin

It makes sense, but it is always worth remembering: you should not tear off peeling skin. Let nature take its course. She doesn't need your help to break down dead skin. Furthermore, tearing off the skins could cause healing problems and disrupt the repair process.