Texas Snow Storm: A Glimpse Into The Freezing Temperatures

Feb 19, 2021
11:14 A.M.
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With power disruptions and scarcity of drinking water in many areas, Texans continue to get affected by the brutal winter storm that started around this week. The COVID-19 vaccinations have also been affected, and there are strong chances of the storm spreading to the Eastern Coast.


The deadly snow storm has turned everything topsy turvy for the Texans, with increased power outages and shortage of food and water supplies. Because of the severe weather conditions and everything covered in white, supermarkets are unable to provide food for the struggling Texans.

The freezing, glacial weather has resulted in several casualties and accidents, and the hospitals are facing a spike in patient numbers and a shortage of medical resources. People are being advised to boil water before drinking and avoid going out unnecessarily. Here, we take a closer look at how the freezing temperatures have shook the second largest U.S. state.

1.White Houston


This picture captures Houston covered in thick white snow - with everything from food, water, power and movement being restricted because of the severe storm.

2.Weather Update


According to this weather report, Texas is likely to experience more snow in the South-Central region, so it seems like the freezing weather is going to stick around for some time.

3.Frozen White Rock Lake


This frozen in time shot of the White Rock Lake might seem pretty mesmerizing otherwise, but it showcases the desolation that Texas is going through at the moment.

4.Disrupted Life Patterns


Everything in Texas has been shook by the icy cold storm. With pipes iced over and roads blocked by the thick crusts of snow, people are finding it hard to move around. There is also a scarcity of clean drinking water and food supplies.

5.Farmer Markets Shut Down

This frozen egg is a striking example of how everything has been hit hard because of the raging snow storm. The markets are facing problems of getting their food storage in order, thus leading to a severe shortage of food and water across the state.