The 5 Skin-Care Products by Drunk Elephant Worth Trying

Jan 22, 2021
10:04 A.M.
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From facial formulations, polypeptide-enriched creams to lip balms and anti-tangle hair sprays, Drunk Elephant’s exciting product lineup has all your skin, beauty, and hair care needs covered.


If you’re a beauty pro, chances are you have already heard about Drunk Elephant. Over time, the brand has expanded its offerings to include a little bit of everything, so you don’t have to switch to other brands if you’re already drunk in love with it.

Choosing your skin, hair, and makeup products are perhaps as difficult as shopping for your monthly grocery items. If you want a brand that you can trust with all your beauty requirements, here are the top 5 products by Drunk Elephant worth your money.

1.T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial


Price: $80

The T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial is a premium quality facial formula that improves skin texture and surface by making it more transparent and healthy. It also reduces visible signs of aging and fights dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

It contains glycolic, tartaric, lactic, and citric acids, which exfoliate dead skin and make it smooth and radiant-looking. Salicylic acid and chickpea flour help unclog the pores and decrease skin dullness.

2.E-Rase Milki Micellar Water


Price: $28

The E-Rase Milki Micellar Water is a ceramide-rich formula that helps remove makeup, dirt, bacteria, and pollutants from the skin. It also contains ultra-mild micelles and fatty acids, which restore the skin’s moisture layer.

The plant oil extracts like baobab, mongogo, and almond provide the skin with a soothing effect that nourishes the skin without causing any sensitivity or irritation. Use the Milki Micellar Water for a deeply hydrating and refreshing experience.

3.Wild Marula Tangle Spray


Price: $25

The Wild Marula Tangle Spray is a leave-in hair mist that helps de-frizz the hair and makes it smooth, shiny, and manageable. It can be used on all hair types and textures and protects against heat and dryness.

It contains a blend of nut, fruits, and tea oils, which provide anti-static and anti-frizz benefits. Also, it includes amino acids, which make the hair strong and healthy, and marula oil, which moisturizes the hair.

4.Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer


Price: $68

The Protini Polypeptide Moisturizer contains peptides, amino acids, growth factors, and pygmy water lily, all of which help improve the skin texture and tone. It helps restore skin firmness and elasticity and also brightens dull and uneven skin.

The polypeptide formula nourishes and hydrates the skin, so it appears plump, firm, and healthy. The pygmy waterlily provides a soothing sensation for younger-looking skin, and the vitamin B extracts restore its firm texture and boost skin glow and radiance.

5.Lippe Balm


Price: $18

The Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm is a nourishing and hydrating formula that replenishes dry and chapped lips. It also addresses fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, and lack of firmness and skin elasticity.

It contains avocado oil enriched with vitamins A, D, and E that soften the skin. The mongogo oil makes the skin barrier layer healthy, while tripeptides provide a more visible and plump lip line.