The Best Jade Rollers On The Market That Every Skincare Junkie Should Try

Aug 21, 2020
08:32 A.M.
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The current trend of using jade facial rollers is everywhere. Jade, like rose quartz, is said to have healing powers. Putting jade on a facial roller is supposedly excellent.


Jade rollers allegedly increase blood circulation, encourage better absorption of products into your skin, and decrease under-eye swelling. At the very least, you get a facial massage while going about your usual skincare routine. Let’s look at five of the most popular rollers in 2020:

1. Atahana Jade Roller

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

Price: $20.00

If you are new to the trend, Cosmopolitan recommends Atahana as the best roller for beginners. This super cute roller comes with an instructional video.


It shows you how to do lymph drainage as well as relieve sinus pressure and tension headaches. The roller is also aesthetically pleasing.

2. Skin Gym Jade Crystal Facial Roller


Price: $32.00

A little pricier, the Skin Gym roller is supposedly revolutionary. The luxurious item promises to leave you feeling well taken care of while also treating the bags under your eyes.

Another double-sided roller, the smaller end, allows you to reach the hard-to-reach inner eye area. This may be the perfect skincare item to splurge on as it will last far longer than any anti-aging cream.

3. Revlon Cool & De-Puff Jade Stone Facial Roller


Price: $10.00

This budget-friendly roller is perfect for addressing your puffy skin. Revlon's tool is double-ended with a larger and smaller end to stimulate blood circulation.

The cool jade constricts blood vessels. To kick start lymphatic drainage, it is advised to apply light pressure to the skin with the tool.

4. Inc.redible De-Puffing Under Eye Jade Roller


Price: $15.00

This cute and tiny little roller uses real polished jade and targets the puffiness under your eye with a rollerball tip. Inc.redible's De-Puffing Under Eye Jade Roller rolls away any signs of fatigue.

It offers the perfect cooling pick-me-up. The accompanying elixir contains coconut oil, pearl, and snow mushroom for extra moisture and glow.

5. EcoTools Jade Roller Duo


Price: $15.00

If it’s value for money you are looking for, EcoTools's Jade Roller Duo, which includes a small, domed roller is the way to go. The domed roller targets the eye area, laugh lines, and brow bone.

The rollers are made of 100 percent jade. The handle of the domed roller is made of renewable bamboo.

Bonus Buy: Esker Beauty Allover Jade Roller


Price: $65.00

If you enjoy using the jade facial roller, then give this extra-large jade roller a go. Specially designed for body use, the textured roller can be used to massage in your body oil after you get out of the shower.

All jade rollers perform best on lubricated skin. Apply either oil or moisturizer before using the roller.