The Best Queer Web Series To Binge This Pride Month

Jun 10, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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Pride month is finally here, and we are ready to soak in everything queer. Mainstream media may not wholly represent the LGBTQ+ community, but the internet is a space they dominate.


Many people can agree that there are more queer characters on TV now more than ever. These characters are also much more well-rounded and complex in comparison to how they used to be portrayed.

However, some mainstream TV shows don’t capture the full essence of queerness, even with the rise in representation. As a result, we’ve listed some of the best queer-created web series to binge on this Pride month.

Brown Girls


‘Brown Girls’ follows best friends Patricia and Leila as they struggle through their careers and love. Although their lives are riddled with obstacles and commitment issues, they have each other to grow with.

The Gay And Wondrous Life Of Caleb Gallo

This surreal comedy series is so good it’s been described as ‘Will And Grace’ on speed. While that description alone should be enough, we should also mention its hilarious take on the distracted millennial.



The creators of this series aimed to normalize queer characters, so their sexuality was no longer the apex of their personalities. They do this by following two best friends who struggle daily with being women who like other women.


This queer web series is centered around a non-binary artist who is looking for a new roommate. One thing leads to another, and two people end up having to pretend to be a couple for a green card. Enjoy!

The 3 Bits


This web series follows the wild, wacky and wonderful lives of three siblings, two of which are queer. The siblings find themselves in some of the most bizarre situations, and their experiences inform the life steps narrative.

BoJack Horseman


While Netflix may not be the most indie streaming site, it technically counts as a web series host. Out of technicality, we must list BoJack Horseman, which was the only show across all platforms with an asexual character in 2019.


‘Queerious’ follows a group of black lesbian friends as they navigate life in Los Angeles. Each character has their own complex story and identity, which is probably why the web series has amassed tons of loyal viewers.