The Cord Knot Hairstyle Might Be This Summer's Go-To Messy Bun

Jun 17, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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Summer is for looking effortlessly beautiful, even if you spent hours getting ready. The latest trending hairstyle is the perfect contender for the go-to hair creation for the summer of 2021.


Different hairstyles thrive during specific seasons for a reason. There is a certain look that each woman wants to portray when the seasons change, and many women style their hair for comfort and convenience.

The messy bun was the go-to summer hairstyle for years because it gives off effortless holiday vibes and keeps us cool. However, the cord knot hairstyle may be taking over the messy bun’s title this summer.

The Perfect Summer Hairstyle


Summer is a season filled with family time, vacations, parties, and events, all coupled with heat and humidity. Although many of us enjoy the warm weather summer brings, it may make some things more complicated.

The way you dress and even style your hair are huge factors to how much you’ll enjoy the season. These two elements become difficult because it can be challenging to stay cool in the heat while looking great.


The perfect summer hairstyle should look fantastic if you wear it on the beach or to a dinner party later. As a result, many opt for hairstyles that are tied up to keep cool, but sometimes we lose the polished factor.

Consequently, the perfect summer hairstyle should both be something tied up and chic enough for parties. The cord knot hairstyle thrives in both factors, making it the ideal hairstyle for the season.

The Cord Knot


The cord knot hairstyle requires one to half fold a low ponytail through a hairband to create a bun. Then, one must wrap the remaining piece of hair around the hairband and use a pin to secure it in place.

The result is a chic-looking low bun that resembles a loose knot, and it only takes two minutes to create. This easy-to-achieve hairstyle will look fantastic for a casual day at the park or a cocktail evening with friends.

The Best Way To Get The Cord Knot Hairstyle


Emma Chen, a makeup artist, and hairstylist has been sharing short videos of her creating this easy style. The mesmerizing Instagram posts show how she effortlessly creates the style with minimal tools and products.


However, Emma does reveal that the process is made much easier with some preparation. Emma recommends using hair texturizing products before creating this hairstyle to have the best result possible.

“My biggest piece of advice when creating effortless updos is make sure you get the right amount of texture into the hair because then the hair pretty much styles itself,”

Says Emma Chen