The Funniest 'Schitt's Creek' Moments Of All 6 Seasons

Mar 25, 2021
07:00 P.M.
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After six seasons and eighty episodes, Schitt's Creek finally came to an end. The Canadian sitcom was a slow-growing hit that exploded into the stratosphere, and it seems likely that its pop culture legacy is just starting to form.


Thankfully the eighty episodes of the show will always be there to be revisited. While the show didn't end with a blatant setup for a spinoff or reunion, it was indeed open enough to allow for a resurgence of some kind in the future.

It may be a long time before something as clever, funny, moving, and progressive as Schitt's Creek is released. In fact, it may never happen. But instead of complaining that the show is gone, let's revisit some of the funny moments.

Alexis Performing Her Iconic Theme Song


While every character is fantastic, Alexis seemed the most loved, especially with her funny socialite stories. However, nothing could have prepared anyone for the hilarious song she performed this week. And that was when the most incredible thirty seconds of this entire show took place.

In the episode, Moira and Jocelyn continued their search for someone to play Sally Bowles in Cabaret's upcoming production. And while auditioning several hopefuls, in walked Alexis, who was ready to crush her audition absolutely. Her confidence in her non-existing singing and dancing talents was terrific.

Johnny’s Breathless Announcement

Johnny runs in a full suit past all of the town's landmarks to make an announcement. Johnny enters, hunched over, with his lungs burning, while trying to smile and express some kind of joy even though he can't speak through his breathing. At the sight of him, his wife and children simply stare at him, deadpan.


The gasping goes on for so long that David even turns to look behind him, checking to see if he's being Punk'd. Finally, Johnny manages to say that they're getting out of Schitt's Creek, and they all celebrate.

The Premiere

One of the most memorable parts of the final couple of seasons was Moira Rose's attempt at an acting comeback with the schlocky horror movie. The Birds Have Eyes. The last season continues the storyline with Moira holding the premiere for the film in Schitt's Creek.

In an attempt to make it a more memorable event, Alexis decides to release actual birds during the red-carpet ceremony. Of course, the birds immediately begin attacking the premiere guests, which proves to be a perfect bit of viral marketing for the film.