'The Nanny' Is Officially Coming To Streaming Service HBO

Mar 30, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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The iconic 90's show will be available to stream from season one to six. Fans cannot wait to have the show available on HBO Max.


A few months ago, HBO announced that it would be streaming all of the "Sex and the City" seasons. And just when you thought that was exciting news, the streaming service is giving us all the seasons of "The Nanny."

The classic series starring Fran Drescher will find a home in HBO Max from April 2021. Reactions to the news, including from Drescher, have expressed much excitement over being able to stream the show on HBO.

'The Nanny' On HBO Max


The iconic 90s sitcom ran for six seasons between 1993 to 1999 on CBS. Over that time, audiences got to follow Fran Fine, the fashionista's life as a helper to three children after being dismissed from her bridal boutique job in New York.

The star and co-creator of the show broke the news on her Instagram, March 23. Drescher shared that "The Nanny" would be available to stream on HBO from April 1.


"Guess what's coming to HBO Max on April 1? It's The Nanny! OMG — finally, 'The Nanny' is streaming on a great streaming channel so make sure you mark your calendars because beginning April 1 you'll be able to see all your favorite episodes of 'The Nanny' on HBO Max. Go, why don't you!"

Drescher said in an Instagram video.

Reactions To The 'The Nanny' On HBO Max


While the 63-year-old actor was visibly excited about the show being available on HBO Max, she wasn't the only one beaming with anticipation.

"When The Nanny drop on HBO Max do not check up on me. Do not worry about me. Imma be enjoying it."

One Twitter user said.


Another fan on Twitter expressed how they'd always wanted to follow the whole series. They said: "I really can't wait for the nanny to be streamable. I've always wanted to watch it all the way through."

'The Nanny' Adaptation


In January 2020, Drescher confirmed that the popular show was being adapted to a Broadway musical with co-creator Peter Marc Jacobson.

At the time, she had shared that there hadn't been a confirmed cast for the Broadway production of "The Nanny." Drescher jokingly added that she play the role, but they'd have to change the title to "The Granny."