The Secrets Behind Korean Women S-Bodylines and Tiny Waists

Korean women are known for their fit physiques and stunning waistlines. However, they do not believe in starving to achieve it. In fact, they tend to eat quite a bit of food.

However, their genetics and traditional approach to food are the ultimate secrets behind their bodies. Another factor is their approach to exercise.


What is an S-bodyline?

In Korea, the S-Line is an extremely coveted body shape. The term uses the curves of the “S” to describe the body shape of a slim yet curvy woman.

It is used in the same manner as words like “hourglass” and “bottle-shaped.” The idea is that the body shape will form an “S” from the side. This is perfectly seen with idols such as HyunA, and former SISTAR member Bora.

Secrets to Maintaining Their Physique

The ultimate question is how do you maintain your curves without giving up your waistline. The answer may lie in the Korean Diet which plays a huge role in the average body type seen in Korea. Here are some important rules Koreans stick to:

 1. Avoid Fast Food

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

In Korea, proper food can be easily accessed and is sold relatively cheaply. Thus there is no reason to opt for fast food on a regular basis.

In Korea, healthy alternatives like kimbap and rice rolls are easy to grab when on the run. Even the fast-food outlets that are in Korea offer healthier options such as Taco Bell offering smaller portions or Subway offering shrimp subs and more veggies than the standard American versions.

2. Eat Sweets in Moderation

Patbingsu from Shutterstock

Most traditional Korean restaurants do not offer heavy desserts like cheesecake or creme brulee. Instead, they offer fresh fruit or a bowl of Sikhye which is a sweet rice drink.

Another popular dessert is Patbingsu. It is a shaved ice dish topped with healthy ingredients such as fresh fruits and azuki beans.

3. Fermented Foods


The Korean Diet also champions fermented foods at almost every meal. In fact, kimchi is considered a staple food.

Fermented foods help balance the gut and are rich in vitamins and minerals. Thus it helps promote a healthy immune system, glowing skin, and weight loss.

4. Excercise!


During one segment in “Get It Beauty,” SISTAR member Soyou advised that the key to losing weight is not crash dieting. Instead, she highlighted the importance of eating good balanced meals and exercise.

She revealed that it is important to find an exercise that works for you. Most Koreans also walk everywhere because they do not drive often.

5. More Seafood


Another big component of the Korean diet is seafood and particularly seaweed. Seaweed is known for its many health benefits as well as being rich in vitamins and minerals.

It also acts as a natural seasoning and is a great way to increase your fiber intake. This is especially good for digestion.

6. Tea Instead Soda

Photo by Manki Kim on Unsplash

Lastly, the key to avoiding weight is drinking tea instead of soda. Tea is even served with most Korean meals.

Tea has been connected to multiple health benefits including improving blood circulation, helping with digestion and sleep, and providing antioxidants. Sodas are considered an occasional treat.

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