The Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMx Eye Temporary Eye Tightener cream | A model applying cream to her face | Source: instagram.com/peterthomasrothofficial | Shutterstock
The Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMx Eye Temporary Eye Tightener cream | A model applying cream to her face | Source: instagram.com/peterthomasrothofficial | Shutterstock

The Viral TikTok Eye Cream AKA Temporary Eye Tightener Actually Exists and Works Well

Kudzai Allan Chidamwoyo
Jan 10, 2023
02:15 P.M.
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TikTok has become one of the cheapest and more efficient ways to market products in recent years. One product to benefit from that revolution is the Peter Thomas Roth Instant FIRMx Eye Temporary Eye Tightener cream.


The product went viral on the social media app, with various users showcasing the seemingly magical transformation it provides. The most popular of the videos is probably the one shot by a woman with the username @Trinidad1967.

The post, which has since garnered over 42 million views, shows the lady applying a thin layer of the cream onto a bag underneath her eyes. Immediately afterward, the previously loose skin is depuffed and smoothed out, making it seem like it has always been like that.


What Is the Cream All About?

The cream is described as a "quick-fix eye treatment," which gives instantaneous short-lived outcomes but also has long-term anti-aging benefits. Although the tube packaging may vary, the unique formula typically comes in a 30 ml container.

Once applied, the lotion has been shown to help tighten and smoothen the delicate eye area instantly. This means that the visibility of deep wrinkles, crow's feet, under-eye puffiness, and fine lines are temporarily reduced, making the user look younger and fresher.


The product has been noted as a "life changer" by one satisfied customer, OcalaCarolyn. The person bought it after seeing it advertised on YouTube or Instagram. Khoopes02, like OcalaCarolyn, gave the product five stars and gave a review that reads:

"I had the worst bags under my eyes for years, concealer would not even help. I have been using your product and loooove (sic) the results. This is the only thing that helps with my bags, and I don't look nearly as tired."


However, not all customers have expressed the same enthusiasm toward the product. There are over 850 reviewers who have given it the minimum disapproval of one star. Even though this number is about half of the over 1650 five-star reviews, it is still a significant amount that deserves adequate attention.

One of the causes for concern noted by a disgruntled buyer stemmed from the observation that when makeup is applied to the cream, it dilutes the product's effectiveness and may even enhance wrinkles. Nevertheless, the company replied, telling clients not to use moisture products over the cream.


The Cream Uses the Power of Silicates

The idea of reducing the visibility of old age through artificial means has been a thing for quite some time. Various celebrities, including Tom Cruise and Catherine Zeta-Jones, have adopted those ways to maintain youthfulness.

Besides cosmetic procedures such as Blepharoplasty, which removes excess skin from eyelids, some have resorted to the simpler, DIY way of clay face masks. A cosmetic specialist, Javon Ford, reported that the same sensation from clay face masks could be equated to the results drawn from this eye-tightening product.


The Peter Thomas Roth Instant Eye Temporary Eye Tightener combines three skin-tightening silicates. These are magnesium aluminum silicate, sodium silicate, and sodium magnesium fluorosilicate. In addition, seaweed extracts are also used.

The three silica compounds are usually extracted from natural clays. Like a clay mask, "as the product dries, the silicate pulls the area around the skin, making it appear firmer." Therefore, the effectiveness of the cream is rinsed away when it comes in contact with water.

Peptides Take Care of the Skin

Whereas the silicates in this eye-tightening product get to work within seconds of application, the longer-term effects of the cream are based on its peptide content. This ingredient takes its time to give visible changes beyond the short-lived hydration boost.

However, constant and consistent use can show more permanent results in the long run. The peptides are a shorter variant of amino acids, proteins' smallest unit. They help with the structuring and elasticity of the skin, which has enhanced their reputation in the world of cosmetics.


It is worth noting that there are various forms of peptides. The one included in this Peter Thomas Roth compound is the dipeptide-2. According to Ginger King, a New Jersey-based cosmetic chemist, this specific peptide focuses on diminishing dark circles and puffiness.

Another amino acid that appears in the cream is the hydrolyzed lupine protein. This type of mineral is extracted from the bluebonnet flowers and is used to fight premature aging of the skin.

Vitamin for the Skin

In addition to the peptides, the cream also contains various vitamins. These range from vitamins B5, C, and E. Vitamin B5, labeled on the ingredient list as panthenol, "helps hydrate the undereye and reduces transepidermal water loss," thereby keeping the undereye adequately moisturized.

The well-known Vitamin C is a brightening antioxidant that helps the skin in its natural regeneration process. It can also prevent or reduce sightings of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Lastly, Vitamin E acts as a humectant and an emollient that aids the skin in absorbing and holding water, improving its barrier function.


Many medical professionals have been impressed by this product. Dr. Marisa Garshick, a New York City-based dermatologist, approves it as an effective option in the battle against undereye bags and fine lines. Notably, she cautioned users not to expect too much in the way of long-term effects as the product's strength is mainly short-term.

Additionally, when applying the cream, putting too much of it can leave some unwanted white residue. When that happens, the user should use the tip of their fingertip or a moist cotton swab to remove the excess cream.


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