Throwback: 5 Songs That Promise To Make You Feel 10 Years Younger

Jan 26, 2021
03:43 A.M.
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We don’t realize how quickly the years go by until it’s much too late. Every year something small reminds us of how old we are getting, like hearing our favorite songs from a decade ago.


If you remember MySpace, Facebook before the ads, Youtube, and using Blackberry’s, you’re getting old. You may also recollect owning an iPod nano if you’re at these ages and jamming to the hottest tracks.

We hope we’ve scared all of the kids away with the nostalgic old people talk because it’s time to reflect. We’ve gathered and listed five hit songs that turn ten years old this year to make you feel young again.

Motivation By Kelly Rowland Ft. Lil Wayne

No one could go wrong with a Weezy verse for several years, especially not in 2011. Kelly Rowland’s innuendo-filled single stood out amongst the rest for its slow production, unlike the up-tempo trend of the time.


Some of us may have been a little young to be exploring with such lyrics, but we did nonetheless. Now we can add the song to our sexy playlists as young adults and jam without looking over our shoulders for mom.

Till The World By Britney Spears

This club floor banger was sure to be a hit with a co-writer like Ke$ha, and the remix was just as good. Whether you heard this song blast at the gym or in the mall, it always brought a surge of energy through you.

We Found Love By Rihanna Ft. Calvin Harris


This song made us romanticize toxic relationships a little too much, but we know better now. Today we celebrate the smash hit for what it is—an excellent display of Calvin’s production skills and Rihanna’s authenticity.

Although not much was said about Rihanna’s previous abusive relationship, this song let us in. It may not have portrayed the star’s reality, but fans appreciated the openness in the form of a dance track.

Someone Like You By Adele


No one could make us feel the way that Adele did with this ballad back then. It was intimate, it was heartbreaking, and it was relatable as hell, even if you were twelve. The great thing is, it’s still so relatable today.

Headlines By Drake

When you heard anything from Drake’s ‘Take Care,’ any doubt you ever had about the upcoming rapper vanished. The man was becoming the record-breaking star he is today, and he knew he was on a roll.

We can still rap along to every lyric of this slightly egotistical inner monologue word for word. The Gen Zs may not know anything about the old Drake, but we consider ourselves blessed to have witnessed this.