TikTok Bride Urges Others To Be Transparent Expectations Of Bridesmaids

Weddings can be extremely expensive, which is why many couples reach out to loved ones for help. However, contributing to a wedding has been a strenuous expectation for bridesmaids over the years. 

If you’ve ever been a bridesmaid, you probably know how expensive weddings are, even if you aren’t married. Many women have found themselves footing many unexpected bills after agreeing to be a bridesmaid. 

Many brides have failed to state their expectations for bridesmaids before, and it has resulted in unwanted stress. Fortunately, a TikTok bride-to-be shared her solution for these expectations, so everyone is fully aware. 

Bridesmaid Proposals


Bridesmaid’s proposals have risen in popularity over the past few years and make the concept of being one an honor. These proposals usually include packages with gifts and a proposal note for the friend. 

Other than the gifts and the request, not much else is included in a bridesmaid’s proposal. Unfortunately, this lovely proposal ends up being extremely useless once the bridesmaid truly learns what is expected of them. 

A TikTok user named Stephanie Berman shared a video that put light on the bridesmaid’s cost situation. In the video, Stephanie stares ahead with a caption explaining how she realized the cost impact after agreeing to be a bridesmaid. 

The video’s audio features a woman’s voice that ushers in a countdown to the most’ stupidest people’ in the world. The video has amassed over 45 000 likes and over 2500 comments relating to the situation. 

Call For Transparency


#stitch with @stephanieberman7 I was scared to have a #transparency letter in the #bridesmaidproposalbox but it WORKED OUT. #wedding #weddingtiktok

♬ original sound – Lisa 💙

In response to Stephanie’s video, a TikTok user and bride named Lisa urges brides to be more transparent. Lisa explained that she once went through a similar situation with a friend that cost her a lot of money. 

As a result, Lisa reveals that she took the time to be fully transparent about her expectations for her friends. Lisa explained that she, like any other modern-day bride, sent a bridesmaids proposal to friends. 


In the bridesmaid proposal gift, Lisa says she included a transparency letter that details her expectations. According to Lisa, the letter included information on the cost and implications of being a bridesmaid. 

She also revealed that the letter expressed that friends were allowed to decline the proposal without worry. As a result, one of her friends declined, and they are still very good friends regardless of the situation. 

Lisa’s Transparency Letter


Reply to @silly16boo Your #transparencyletter may look different, & that’s okay. We envision different things.❤️ #wedding #weddingtiktok #bridesmaids

♬ original sound – Lisa 💙

Many brides saw Lisa’s TikTok and were inspired by the way in which she handled her wedding situation. Consequently, many asked her to share the exact copy of her letter on the app, which she thankfully did. 

Before she shares the letter, Lisa explains that she is only doing so to normalize transparency from brides. She also notes that transparency is essential, so bridesmaids have a choice to commit themselves. 


Then, she shows the transparency letter, which is one full page and a third of a page. As mentioned previously, the letter includes cost implications and time commitments in detail and answers to frequently asked bridesmaid’s questions. 

She then ends the video by noting that not everybody will expect the same from their friends and shouldn’t. The letter is all about transparency about what is specific to the bride and her friends, and we think it’s fantastic!

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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