TikTok Fashion Trends Worth Trying

Oct 29, 2020
05:47 A.M.
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TikTok is undoubtedly the most influential social media platform right now. The app infiltrates our lives and affects how we dance, wear our hair, and dress.


TikTok is quickly surpassing all other social media platforms in terms of influence. All of the coolest young people use TikTok to express themselves and instantly create trends from their content.

The app is so chic that virtual Fashion Week events took place on TikTok just last month. There’s no question that some of the best fashion trends come from TikTok, and we’ve listed our favorites below:

Bright Colors


Incorporating vibrant colored clothing in your closet is one of the best ways to create eye-catching looks. Neutral items are chic and easy to put together, but something about color makes things more stylish.

Adding more color to your wardrobe also means that you can play around with different clothing items. Layering and color blocking looks fun and bold with a rainbow inspired closet.

Leather Outfits


Every stylish TikToker has at least one stand out leather item that instantly elevates an outfit. Leather pieces add an effortlessly chic and edgy element to every ensemble, and they fit every season.

Style TikToker Sarah Mtimet shares about her favorite leather item, the leather blazer. Sarah presents that The Matrix-inspired piece creates the perfect balance for her more feminine outfits.

“The most worn leather piece I have right now is my thrifted, oversize leather blazer. It adds an edgy, masculine vibe to any outfit that I absolutely love.”

Says Sarah Mtimet

Chunky Platform Boots


Platform boots are not only fantastic for cold and rainy weather, but they are also a fashion staple. More and more style bloggers and influencers have been rocking these boots all year round.

Some TikTokers have even said that they feel most confident in these chunky shoes. You can also pair this versatile shoe style with almost anything in your closet and still look amazing.

Oversized Blazer


You can wear an oversized blazer over anything and look ready for business immediately. Blazers are also great outerwear items instead of wearing a coat on warm spring and summer nights.

Many TikTokers layer their blazers with contrasting outfits such as a cute little dress or a casual T-shirt. Blazers also come in bold colors that add some fun into the usually formal item of clothing.

Sweater Vests


This sweater vest trend is another fashionable take on a preppy office wear item. Layering is very popular in the TikTok style world, and this menswear classic is the perfect layering item this season.

The v neck sweater vest has evolved from its boring older man style, thanks to TikTok. We would suggest stocking up on this item to keep warm and cozy in the fall and winter weather.