TikTok Makeup Hacks That Pros Actually Use

Jun 19, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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TikTok has been so helpful in getting makeup hacks out to the masses! Some of these hacks are so great that they’ve been used by professional makeup artists hacks over the years! So they’re definitely worth a try if you’re going for a professional finish!


TikTok is the number one platform for life-hacks! And what’s even better is that the videos are short and sweet, so you get to see the full hack in less than a minute!

For the makeup lovers, these hacks will turn you into a makeup pro! Here are TikTok’s makeup hacks that are good enough for the pros.

Start With Your Powder


This backward makeup trick can help your makeup stay on during these hot summer days. When you start by setting your moisturizer with a powder, you’ll be less likely to melt your makeup off!

Use Soap To Set Those Brows


If you want your eyebrows to look fuller without using too much makeup, there’s the soap hack! You just need a clear soap and a brush to whip those brows into shape, and they’ll be that way all day!

Lip Tint Hack


Lip tints allow you to alter your lip color through a staining process. But when you don’t have a tint on hand or simply don’t have the time for a tint, you can still give your lips a beautiful pink stain with a bit of your favorite red lipstick!

Botox Lip Hack


When you want fuller lips but don’t have the botox money, you’ve got to get creative with your makeup! It’s an easy hack with a lip pencil and a bit of smudging, and voila, your lips look a lot fuller on camera!

Eye Shadow Can Be A Lip Gloss


If you’re looking for a specific shade of lip gloss, but you don’t have one in your collection, fear not. The hack is as simple as mixing the color you want with a bit of lip balm, and you’re good to go!

Fluffy Lashes


You’ve got to toss out everything you know about applying mascara because we’ve been doing it wrong. Instead of starting at the base, you’ve got to start at the tips and work your way down to get your lashes fluffy even without false lashes!

Putting Blush Under Your Foundation


Instead of finishing with your blush, you can actually apply your blush before your foundation. It helps create a more naturally blushed look, and you don’t have to worry about applying too much blush and ruining your foundation!

Setting Spray Removes The Cake


If your makeup is looking a bit cakey, you just need a spritz of setting spray over the powder. It’ll take away the cakey texture and add a little glow to your look while also setting your makeup!

These hacks are foolproof, and if you haven’t had a chance to test them out, you might want to try them out. They’re going to turn you into a pro and transform your look so you can still look cute when you head out!