TikTok Mother-Daughter Duo Tabitha and Choyce Brown's Delicious Pasta Recipes Everyone Should Try

Oct 13, 2020
02:20 A.M.
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TikTok has proven to be much more useful than it presents itself to be. The social media platform showcases plenty of wholesome content beyond its 60-second dance challenge offering.


Some of our favorite breakout TikTok stars appeared on the app early this year, during the quarantine. These TikTokers include the joyful mother-daughter duo, Tabitha and Choyce Brown.


The pair has gone on to appear in multiple campaigns, including Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin appearances. Their popularity is warranted since we enjoy their playful banter and delicious vegan recipe tips.

Tabitha and Joyce recently shared two vegan pasta recipes, just in time for the comfort food seasons. See their tasty step by step cooking tutorials below and enjoy a plate of mouthwatering pasta.

Lobster Mushroom Pasta on Vogue


Tabitha and Choyce joined Vogue Magazine on their Instagram page to share this flavorful pasta dish. The duo starts their video off with a high spirited dance introduction that shows us how playful they are.

Tabitha then talks us through the ingredients for this fall comfort cuisine before heading into the method. The ingredients include lobster mushrooms, onion, diced tomatoes with garlic, kale, and vegetable broth.

The Star Of The Dish


Lobster mushrooms are the unrivaled star of the Vogue lobster mushroom pasta dish. Many people aren’t sure about adopting plant-based diets because they frequently miss their comfort food flavors.

Tabitha shares many delicious recipes that include this secret star ingredient for those who love lobsters. The mushrooms are the same color as real lobsters and imitate the lobster meat texture when cooked.

Vegan Alfredo Pasta with Elle

This creamy and nutritious pasta dish recipe is also vegan, and the process is just as easy as the other. The pair engage in their usual banter before presenting the dairy and meat product free ingredients.


We see fresh and nutritious ingredients such as broccoli, baby kale, and spinach. Like any alfredo, there are mushrooms and peppers with a secret creamy unsweetened cashew yogurt base.

Other Creamy Base Alternatives


There comes a time when you need a warm and creamy comfort meal on a cold fall evening. Tabitha’s genius cashew yogurt base replaces regular animal by-product cream in the alfredo pasta meal.

If you don’t like cashews, Tabitha also suggests using almond yogurt as a cream alternative. She uses almond yogurt in her hidden veggie-packed macaroni and cheese recipe seen above.