Tips To Reduce Your Wedding Expenses

We all have our dream wedding we have been planning since we turned five. Finally, however, childhood gives way to adulthood, and the realities of life set in. But you can still have that dream wedding.

Organizing your wedding runs the risk of costing as much as buying a car and not a cheap car, but a nice new vehicle recently released. And just like buying a new car, you may even have to “go into debt” to make your dream come true.

However, you can organize a dream wedding without spending a fortune without entering the vicious circle of debt; where to get out of it, you need to know some essential steps. Here are some tips, tricks, and pointers on how to save for the wedding.

Set A Budget

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Before deciding on your wedding date, think about how much you are willing to spend. Establish a figure and force yourself not to exceed it. Well, once you’ve chosen the amount, it’s time to plan how to put that spending budget together.

Remember: simplify as much as possible! Write down the income and expenses under a few items and always make sure that the costs never exceed the income. But not only that, if possible, try always to allocate a fixed amount upstream to save, and thus you will create the nest egg that you can assign to your wedding.

Choose A Date

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First of all, you can save money by strategically choosing the date of your wedding. For the period, the low season seems advisable, between October and March, and for the day of the week, it is better to avoid the weekend: you will find that prices will drop dramatically.

The Church

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A church wedding is not entirely free of cost, especially if you want to get married in a beautiful church in the city center. To enter these churches or museums, you will have to pay a valuable amount to cover maintenance costs.

Then choose the parish near your home, which represents a place of affection and memories that will save you a lot of money.

The Guests

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Is it really worth inviting relatives and cousins ​​whose faces you can hardly remember? An idea to save would be to draw up a limited list of people who really want to be next to you on one of the most beautiful and meaningful days of your life. Perhaps not inviting the third-degree uncle will offend the mother-in-law a little, but it will soon pass.

Flowers And Decoration

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For floral decorations, the solution is just around the corner. Limit the use of precious flowers and choose flowers for a field or seasonal weddings, such as daisies and gerberas. Choosing exotic or particular flowers can sharply raise your budget.

If you don’t want to give up the flowers you like best, dedicate the most precious ones to the bouquet alone. Even for church and reception arrangements, opt for simple decorations and remember that plants have a lower cost than flower arrangements.

Shoes And Accessories

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In this case, just choose shoe models and accessories that you can easily reuse even after the wedding day. It will be exciting to wear your wedding shoes again on other occasions: better than keeping them closed in a box in the shoe cabinet.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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