Tips & Tricks To Make Remote Learning Easier

Mar 29, 2021
03:00 P.M.
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Being your kid's teacher is a job you'd never have expected to be this difficult. And while it may be over soon with the vaccine roll-out, these tips can still help you out with homework.


Coronavirus has turned homes into offices and schools; what would typically be a circus run getting the kids ready for school has turned into a stressful routine of getting your kids to pay attention and stay signed in to their classes when the end call button is highly tempting!

We've all experienced the dread of school days, that early morning feeling where you don't even want to get out of bed, even so as adults. With so many things tempting kids around the house, how do you get them to focus?

The Environment

Unslpash by Sven Brandsma

Unslpash by Sven Brandsma


Provide your child with the best space possible with the least distractions; this means the room with toys and their PlayStation is probably not the best place for them to attend their classes or do their homework. Space should be set up comfortably and stocked with all the things they need. This is important so they're not running into your meetings for a pencil for homework and notes they should be taking.

You probably also want to have a printer set up nearby; children are resilient, they can print their own homework if they need to, and it's a great idea to allow them the responsibility to do so. Especially when you're busy, you don't want to have to run in for a forgotten worksheet printing and miss an essential part of your meeting!

Rules and Goals

Unsplash by Annie Spratt

Unsplash by Annie Spratt


Children need structure; their routines are essential for their success! So make it routine for them to get up in the morning, brush their teeth, and get ready for the school day as usual. They must have a routine to learn what they need to do and become independent eventually.

“Consolidation of concepts even if it means brushing over concepts verbally,”

says Shafiqah, a student teacher

Goals should be simple, even if it's something small like coloring or counting. It helps kids understand what is expected of them, find what works for them, and make sure they meet their desired time goals! Don't forget that kids need reminding every so often; remember how many times you forgot to take the chicken out to defrost as a kid? We still need constant reminders.

Stay Close


The closer you are to your kid, help them and their teachers. You help them stay focused, and the teacher doesn't have to fight for their attention through a screen. If you find them getting distracted, just try to nudge them in the right direction; maybe it's repeating the question to force them to think about it.

Keep It Together

Juggling your work and the kids too is crazy, it gets tricky, but you're not alone in this. Turn to your teachers for help where needed; if your kid struggles to grasp counting, ask their teacher what could be a better way to stimulate interest. Teachers are prepared for this in their classes, but at home, through a screen, things are different, and they may have experience with this already.


“Get your child into a routine, structure your day, and set out time for school. Keep them involved in making their own lunch and let them do other activities that don't make it just sitting at a desk!”


Remember that you're a role model to your kids; they will likely end up dealing with situations the way you do. So if you get frustrated and give up, they're going to do the same. Try your best to stay positive and keep them motivated. You should keep school time separate from family time; it keeps you from exclusively staying in the teacher or mom role.

Get a Tutor


You might not be able to keep it together, stay positive, check homework, as well as juggle the cleaning and cooking, so get help! There are a number of people who can help, graduates looking for work in their spare time, home-schooling programs, and students learning to become teachers!

The less stress you have is going to make you a better parent for it. And if that means that someone else can take the pressure off your hands, GREAT!