Top 10 Area Rugs Worth The Investment

Mar 03, 2021
08:00 A.M.
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There is a science behind choosing rugs. That’s right, even though it looks pretty online, you may want to consider looking at certain factors to ultimately impact the final decision before clicking add to cart.

First, rugs are categorized into piles. High, medium, and low to no piles in an area rug are the height of the carpet fibers. Other times, the height is expressed in inches. Therefore, low pile rugs are easier maintenance but could be tough with high pile are more luxurious.

Furthermore, area rugs consist of synthetic fibers such as polypropylene, nylon, or natural fibers like wool, cotton. Synthetic has excellent stain resistance but could smell like a factory, whereas natural is more pricey. Here are ten area rugs worth the investment.

Hay’s Raw Rug

Price: $295

This recommendation is best for bedrooms and living rooms. Moreso, if you’ve got a young one around, it’s perfect for them. This is due to the soft and plush nature of the rug. It is made of 100% wool with a cotton backing and is a dream where cleaning is concerned.

Geometric Flatweave Area Rug

Price: $44

High traffic area? Choose a geometric rug. The rug print is handy when it comes to masking stains, especially in a high-traffic area like the dining. Bonus points? It’s super soft even on bare feet and for a great price too.

Oriental Area Rug



Price: $35

Originating from Turkey, this gorgeous mid-pile rug is made of polypropylene fiber. Moreover, the unique distressed design makes for excellent wear and tear durability, which will mask a high traffic area’s stress.

Unique Loom Shag Collection Area Rug at Amazon




The feel of this rug is what gives it a cut on our list. It is super plush, making it great for your bedroom. It is also a high pile, so you may want to keep it in areas where there is less footfall to avoid quick shedding. However, it is easy to clean and stain resistant.

Safavieh Rag Rug



Price: $27

A rag rug is an excellent choice for kitchens. Why? They are machine washable and look great over time due to their rustic appearance. That’s right, a few spots here and there will amplify the look. Additionally, this rug is more comfortable than other rag rugs.

Langley Street Aldergrove Flatweave Wool Rug



Price: $52

This durable and long-lasting rug makes our list due to its low pile fibers. Therefore, consider placing this in the hallway where high foot traffic is bound to happen. However, it is very thin so consider a plush rug pad to stop slipping and absorb noise between floors.

Flatweave Natural Area Rug



Price: $47

It’s handmade, it’s natural, and it’s worth every penny. This jute and sisal rug will add an incredible textured touch to your space. It is mid-pile, so you will get some great cushion underfoot. Moreso, with some regular vacuuming, you will find the rug will be easy to clean.

Andover Mills Marview Snow White Rug



Price: $186

We know what you’re thinking, and yes. This rug is as soft as it looks. For that alone, it gets a spot on our list. Not only that, but it is made of polypropylene which means it is better at stain resisting. Thus if you were on the fence about its white color, don’t be.




Price: $129

No need to break the bank for a great rug. Many synthetic rugs are inexpensive and will give you great durability without smelling like a factory. Moreover, look at the intricate design. Not only do you get a soft stain-resistant rug, but it is also super luxe on a manageable budget.

Safavieh Milan Shag



Price: $76

Inexpensive shags can be a buzz kill. They can be dry and shed quite a bit, but this shag is perfect. The fibers are packed quite close together, making them dense and super soft. Thus consider investing in this piece for the plushy feel.

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