Top 10 Countries In The World For Women To Live In

Apr 15, 2021
04:00 A.M.
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Being a woman in 2021 should mean you are safe from all gender-based harm or discrimination, but that isn’t the case. Many countries around the globe are still largely patriarchal, making things challenging for women.


It’s unfortunate to say that even in 2021, some countries condone violence and discrimination towards women. It is a luxury for women to walk outside at night and even in daylight in many parts of the world.

Mistreatment towards women indicates a misogynistic society, even if the country has an excellent constitution. Fortunately, some countries are a little better than others, so take a look at the top ten below:



Denmark takes the top spot as the best country to live in as a woman per the report for 2020. Out of 10, Denmark is rated at 9.6 for gender equality, 9.8 for safety, 9.2 for income equality, and 9.8 for human rights.



Sweden was the top country for women in 2019 but lost the top spot to Denmark. Fortunately, it’s still one of the most progressive countries, with women making up 50% of their government and 46% of the parliament.

The Netherlands


With impressive benefits such as a maternity nurse for new mothers, the Netherlands takes the third spot. The Netherlands scored a ten out of ten for its commitment to human rights and gender equality in 2020.



If you want to go somewhere, you’re guaranteed to earn as much as your male counterpart; you have Norway. Country number four scores a perfect ten for income equality and has fantastic maternity leave policies.



Canada is the only North American country on the list, thanks to its commitment to human rights and gender equality. This country is also notably one of the best at encouraging diversity which gives it a big plus.



The Finnish government is led by women, putting Finland at the sixth spot on the list. Finland was the first country to introduce unrestricted rights for women to vote and be elected to represent the country in parliament.



This peaceful and progressive country is the highest-ranking country to live in the world. Switzerland is rated 8.6 for gender equality, 8.4 for progressiveness, and 9.2 for human rights as per the 2020 report.

New Zealand


New Zealand had the youngest female leader in the world when prime minister Jacinda Ardern was elected. The country’s gender equality score sits at 8.0 which is much better than the 7.3 from 2019.



Australia boats a high life expectancy for both men and women, and the perks do not end there. Besides having access to lush beaches and great weather, Australian women also enjoy a score of 8.3 for gender equality.


Beating Germany out of the tenth spot is Austria, which wasn’t even ranked in the top 20 in 2019. Austria’s high safety and human rights scores earned it the tenth spot for the best country to live in as a woman.