Top 10 Tips To Kick-Start Your Sustainable Living Journey

April 22 is celebrated as International Earth Day all around the world. Out of respect for mother earth and to become socially and environmentally responsible, you can start taking small steps today for a safe and brighter tomorrow. 

With our health on the line and severe environmental concerns gaining ground, we cannot remain oblivious to our surroundings. Deforestation, increasing pollution from factories, industrial waste, and plastic use are some of the primary causes damaging our planet. 

When it comes to comprehending what we can do collectively to fix the problem, it can be hard to jot down all the possibilities. Here are ten tips for embracing sustainability in your everyday life to ease your stress and help you act wisely. 

1.Never Leave The Faucet Running 

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When you’re done washing your hands and even while brushing your teeth, make sure you turn off the faucet. If it’s leaking, please fix it timely. This will help you save up to eight gallons of water and contribute to water conservation. 

2.Unplug Electronics When Not In Use 

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Energy conservation is just about as necessary, so remember to turn off all household appliances when you’re not using them. Unplugging your electronic devices like coffee machines, toasters, blenders, and the like will help you save tons of electricity. 

3.Buy Eco-Friendly Products 

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Eco-friendly products are suitable for the environment and created through sustainable sources. You can help save mother earth by investing in household items reusable or made from recyclable materials. 

4.Ditch Plastic Bottles 

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Drinking out of plastic water bottles can be detrimental to our health and the surrounding environment. Instead of using plastic bottles, get in the habit of using reusable water bottles made from stainless steel, glass, or copper. 

5.Turn Off The Lights Before Leaving The Room 

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Every year, we celebrate Earth Hour annually and shut down all light sources for one hour to save energy. We can adopt this practice in our daily life by always remembering to turn off the lights when they’re not needed. 

6.Bring Your Cycle Along   

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Driving is convenient and fun, but it’s good to feel the fresh air on your face every once in a while. If your workplace is nearby or you’re headed to a nearby grocery store, ditch the car and take your cycle instead. 

Cycling will help you get to your desired location in less time. Bonus: you will save tons of fuel and money and get your rusty muscles moving for good. 

7.Embrace “Greenery” At Home 

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You can go green even within the walls of your house. Give your home a green makeover by installing houseplants or using energy-efficient lights to conserve electricity. Floral decor ideas are also a fun thing to try! 

8.Make A Switch To E-Books 

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Please don’t hate us because we enjoy the luxurious feeling of holding a book in our hands. However, it’s good to take a different road and read the newest reads online sometimes. Some E-books also come with interactive illustrations. 

9.Hone Your Cooking Skills 

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Food prepared at home is hygienic, delicious, and healthy. When you cook your meals, you’re saving money, time, and effort spent going to the restaurant eating packaged food. Spending time in the kitchen is fun and therapeutic. 

10.Invest In Sustainable Clothing Brands

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 We all enjoy shopping, but how about buying clothes that make us look good and mean well for the environment? There are multiple sustainable fashion brands dedicated to saving the planet with their responsible and eco-friendly products. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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