Trader Joe Employees Open Up About The Secrets Of Working For The Company

So you think you have a crush on your local Trader Joe’s cashier? Join the club girl, we’ve all been there and would definitely go back even after learning the cold hard truth. 

Trader Joe’s is not just your friendly neighborhood grocery store. This franchise is also your safe space, where you go for a daily dose of kindness, and it’s a possible dating pool filled with cute and flirty cashiers. 

No other place makes us feel as remarkable as we do during a brief Trader Joe’s visit, but could this be a ploy? Twitter users have shared their similar experiences that have forced some TJ employees to confess. 

It All Starts With The Screening

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When you walk into Trader Joe’s, you already know what to expect. A polite welcome from a good looking employee and further assistance that makes shopping for vegetables more fun than it’s ever been. 

The friendliness draws you back in every time. You just can’t help but buy the crisps your last cashier said he loved during your previous visit. Some time goes by, and you wonder, “how are they always so nice?”. 

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The answers you’ve been looking for are finally here, and we hope you came prepared. We must disclaim that this is nothing personal, but those Trader Joe’s employees are just as friendly to everyone. They have to be. 

Trader Joe’s employees are reportedly screened for niceness during their interviews, which makes sense. If you don’t have good vibes to spread, then you can’t work at Trader Joe’s. Sorry, company policy. 

No One Is Nice Against Their Will

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We know we just said that employees are screened for their level of niceness, but in no way is it enforced. Several employees have revealed that the work environment contributes to their energy. 

One employee told Refinery29 about a heartwarming experience she had with her employer. The anonymous employee’s experience proves that a little kindness can go a long way, especially at work. 

“My boss knew one of my coworkers, who was like everyone’s little sister, was going through some stuff and told me to walk her down to Starbucks on the clock to talk with her for a bit. It made me fall in love even more with the company.”

Says an anonymous employee in New Jersey

Many TJ’s employees also express that there is a generally positive vibe. Teamwork is an integral part of what makes the Trader Joe’s machine run smoothly, and they all work together willingly. 

The Experience Something To Write Home About

Some people may find the Trader Joe’s experience a bit overwhelming, but most of them live for it! Twitter users have shared some hilarious posts about the emotional impact that Trader Joe’s has on them. 

The jokes don’t just stop at heart to hearts, but also the sly comments each cashier makes. You know, the ones that make you feel like you have the most fantastic taste in the world? It’s all the validation we need. 

In conclusion, we’re here to tell you it’s really okay to have a crush on a Trader Joe’s employee. Whether they’re only flirting with you or not, they’re out there to brighten your day, so enjoy every minute of it. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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