Travel Through Food: 10 Korean Dishes To Try At Least Once

Koreans are notoriously passionate and proud about their cuisine, but Korean food is also much revered worldwide. If you find yourself in the country, try out these dishes.

When you think about Korean cuisine, one of the first foods that you may think of is the national dish of kimchi. While there may be over two hundred types, there is a lot more to Korean cuisine than that.

You may not be able to travel, but your tastebuds can. From bold-flavored stews, spicy seafood, and versatile rice dishes, here are ten Korean dishes to try out at least once.


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Kimchi is made from spicy, pickled vegetables. The primary form of kimchi is made with napa cabbage and is the most common version. Kimchi is served with most Korean dishes.


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Kimbap is the Korean version of Japanese sushi. It’s a quick on-the-go type of snack or light dish made with rice, pickled vegetables, spinach, and ham rolled in seaweed.


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Haejangguk (hangover stew) is a famous dish in Korea. There are many ways that this stew can be prepared whether with beef or pork along with Korean chili paste, cabbage, radish, and bean sprouts. It’s intended to be eaten after or before drinking.


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Bibimbap is a rice bowl. Bibimbap is a hearty mixture of rice, vegetables, meat, typically beef, and chili paste). It’s then topped with a fried egg, some soy sauce, and sesame seeds.


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Who doesn’t love a barbecue? Gogigui is a Korean-style barbecue. One may typically order beef or pork, and it’s great to have with friends and loved ones.

Haemul Pajeon

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Haemul Pajeon is a savory seafood vegetable pancake. The batter for the pancake is made with rice and egg and then mixed with a variety of seafood.


Korean fried chicken, usually called chikin in Korea, refers to a variety of fried chicken dishes from South Korea. The homemade sweet and spicy korean fried chicken.

Chicken and beer are two flavors that get along really well. This dish takes that traditional flavor pairing to the next level for a tantalizing full meal.

Mixed Seafood Stew

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Koreans have multiple ways of preparing a stew and if you ever find yourself in the country, definitely try at least one of their variations of this comforting dish. This, as the name suggests, is a stew made with seafood.


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Jjinmandu (steamed mandu dumplings ) are simple, delicious dumplings stuffed with a variety of ingredients, including meat, onions, and some vegetables.

Sundubu Jjigae 

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Sundubu Jjigae (soft tofu stew) is a wholesome bowl of tofu, with vegetables, meat, seafood, and chili paste with a raw egg cracked over the top of the dish.

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