Trend Prediction: Popular Interior Design Colors For 2021

Jan 07, 2021
03:18 P.M.
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You know you've stayed at home for too long when you start obsessing over the interior design and decor of your home. It's time to revamp your homes because 2021 will be about embracing bold and warm color tones that offer a traditional yet modern look.


Nobody knows how long we'll be living in a pandemic stricken world. Spending the majority of 2020 indoors has made people feel more connected to their homes, bringing out the hidden interior designer in all of us.

Experimenting with colors and furniture at home can be exciting and fun, provided you know what's trending and what isn't. Our guide of the top interior design colors includes exciting trends that will be huge in 2021.

Bold & Bright Colored Walls


People will likely be obsessed with bold and bright colored walls in the coming year. Generally, walls that are colored white or have a light shade are preferred by people over brighter ones and decorated with art pieces and pictures to add vibrance.

However, Modsy has predicted that intense, bold wall colors will be huge in 2021. The reason is that it's dawning upon people that they will be spending more time at home, and a colorful, vibrant environment will make them feel at ease.

Lighter-Toned Woods & Furniture


Another trend that will likely be popular in 2021 is light-colored wood and furniture. The idea that people are now seeking homes as places where they can relax, work, and spend most of their time will change their preference for more in-depth, darker tones.

The pandemic has shifted people's focus towards minimalism, and lighter tones make them feel comfortable. Soft-colored woods also create an optical illusion, making a small room look enormous with more space depth.

Earth-Based Color Palettes


The Dulux Color Forecast has included earth-based hues in its color palette, Retreat, which will make the home environment safe and comfy. With people spending more time inside than before, home interiors need to function as a family, work, and play spaces.

The use of earth-based shades will combine innovation with comfort, style, and flexibility. Homes bearing earth colors will provide multi-functional spaces where people will seek comfort, fun, and safety.

Monochromatic Color Palette


The monochromatic color palette includes different tones of the same color and can be in lighter and darker shades. Another trend prediction for 2021 states that the monochromatic color scheme of blue, bluish-green, and orange will be in vogue.

Using different tones of the same color generally makes a room look more spacious and well lit. Monochromatic color schemes are perfect for striking a balance between the paint and the overall decor and furniture.

Brightly Colored Interiors


Having brightly lit interiors is one way of rekindling our homes' life, vibration, and spirit. Bright colored interiors, including yellow, orange, and turquoise, will likely make rounds in 2021 to energize our indoor environments.

Vibrant interiors also inspire positivity and a much needed tranquil respite from the everyday woes of life. Turquoise combines tones of blue and green and exuberates healing and calming vibrations, evoking good vibes.