Twitterverse Believes Vogue Missed The Mark With Image Choice For February Cover Of Kamala Harris

Jan 13, 2021
09:58 A.M.
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Vice president-elect Kamala Harris graces Vogue Magazine’s cover, but Twitter users are not having it with the image choice for the cover.


On Sunday, 10 January, a shot of Vogue’s February issue found its way to the Twitterverse. The cover, featuring vice president-elect Kamala D. Harris caused a stir among Twitter users who had much to say about image choice.

However, Vogue has explained why they’ve chosen the image claiming that it is a reference to the madame vice president-elect’s sorority days. Either way, Twitter users are categorically unimpressed.

Vogue Reveal Their February Issue


On Sunday, the Vogue Magazine Twitter account revealed their February issue featuring vice president-elect, Kamala Harris, on the cover in a dark jacket by Donald Deal, low-top Converse sneakers, and accessorized with a pearl necklace.

The backdrop is a dull green with a pink fabric draped down the middle and cascading to the floor. Harris stands relaxed with a smile and hands clasped in front of her.

Reactions From Twitter


“WTF is that pink backdrop and styling. Good grief, this was the laziest cover Wintour has ever done, considering Harris is the first woman VP. Anna Wintour needs to go.”

Reads a reply from Twitter user AmyB

While the general feeling about the vice president-elect being featured on Vogue Magazine’s cover are feelings of delight, the image selecting had the reply section in a storm. Many commenters expressing their disapproval with the cover calling it lazy, “fugly,” and even calling for the creatives behind the cover to be fired.

Vogues Response To The Media Heat


“The team at Vogue loved the images Tyler Mitchell shot and felt the more informal image captured Vice President-elect Harris’s authentic, approachable nature — which we feel is one of the hallmarks of the Biden/Harris administration.”

quoted by the NY Times.

And while that’s the story that the magazine is sticking to, many people feel that it quite simply isn’t befitting for the moment and that it undermines the gravity of Harris’ position.

Vogue’s Justification For The Image


Despite the comments that the cover lacked thought and effort, it appears that the choice of image was not the result of a coin toss or thoughtless process. The styling choices for the shoot, Vogue explains, were Harris’.

The publication further explained that the choice of colors for the backdrop is a tribute to a Harris’ days at Howard University in the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.

Vogue’s Second Image


The magazine also released this image of Kamala Harris in a powder blue Michael Kors suit. In this second image for the "digital cover" Harris stands confidently in front of a gold backdrop.

The image received mixed reactions but was overall viewed by some social media users as the better image. One thing's for sure the Twitterverse are not happy with the creative team at Vogue and want to see them do a whole lot better.