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Unpacking 2 Princess Diana Interviews That Shook The World


April 09, 2021

While the world reels from the telling Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview, it is not the first royal interview to shake the world. Previously, Princess Diana gave two shocking interviews that gave the world an honest look into her struggles.

First, before their wedding, Princess Diana and Prince Charles gave an interview to the BBC with BBC’s Angela Rippon and ITV’s Andrew Gardener. Later, during a Channel 5 documentary, Rippon reviewed the interview, admitting Princess Diana’s demeanor was a sign of things to come.

Moreover, Diana’s famous Panorama interview with Martin Bashir was honest and raw. The Princess spearheaded the interview in the face of the cruel tabloid press after Prince Charles’ admission of infidelity in their marriage.

The Final Five Seconds 

Prince Charles and Diana gave the first interview ahead of their upcoming nuptials. However, Rippon recalls that a man stood behind the interviewers overseeing them all. More so, she described Diana as out of it, saying,

"Lady Diana was almost slumped in the chair, she was in new territory. She was out of her depth."

Angela Rippon

Rippon then reviewed the interview clip once more for the first time since 1981. After, she added that towards the last five seconds of the interview, Princess Diana was downcast. When Rippon wished the couple happy returns, Prince Charles looked at the then Lady Diana, but she looked at the floor.

A Sign of Times To Come

From the reactions to the looks given, plus the demeanor during the interview, there was so much more. While no one could have predicted the extent of the couple’s fallout, Rippon noted that it was a time of things to come in hindsight, yet the last five seconds spoke volumes.

However, Princess Diana’s demeanor was different in her Panorama interview. The Princess had secretly arranged for the interview after Prince Charles’ televised interview where he publicly admitted to infidelity in their marriage. 

The Affair Retold 

Prince Charles’s admission of infidelity was followed by intense media coverage. In a move seen as the Princess taking matters into her own hands, she revealed a detailed account of Prince Charles affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, saying,

“There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.”

Princess Diana

Furthermore, the Princess also gave personal details about her pain, revealing mental health struggles that resulted in bulimia and self-harm. The Princess also said that despite her eating disorder being noticed, she was shamed for wasting food.

The Impact Of Speaking Out

While the first interview was subtle in the two’s hidden story, the Panorama interview with Bashir resulted in quick action. Up to that point, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were separated. However, after the interview that Queen ordered the couple’s divorce.

While the move freed Diana from the Palace, she was not released from the intense media scrutiny. Divorcing the Prince meant Princess Diana lost her title and the security privilege that came with it. Two years later, Princess Diana lost her life after a relentless pursuit by the paparazzi.


Voices Must Be Heard

Despite the tragic events surrounding her personal life, Princess Diana’s voice rose above the harsh press. Moreover, it provided shattered the expectations of a picture-perfect life, thus allowing her to tell her side of the story on her terms.