Unpacking Neptune Retrograde’s Impact On Each Star Sign

Jun 23, 2021
08:00 A.M.
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The elusive planet Neptune is all set to go into retrograde starting Friday, June 25. This period will last until Wednesday, December 1, providing you ample time to differentiate between illusion and reality. Good luck stumbling between the facts and fiction!


Every year, the dreamy Neptune goes into planetary retrograde for about 23 weeks. This year, it will station retrograde in its home sign Pisces, stimulating contemplation and spiritual awakening. As the god of the sea, Neptune triggers our dreams, fantasies, and imaginations.

While in retrograde, this outer planet will invite you to process your illusions and embrace reality. It will also heighten your spiritual nature, giving you a chance to introspect and strike a balance in your life. Read on to discover how this celestial event will affect your star sign.



Aries, the world is your oyster! Now is the time to let go of limiting beliefs and use your creativity for something productive. You’re capable of making things happen; all you have to do is believe in yourself.


Taurus, your intuitive powers will be unusually high, so permit them to show you the way. This is a great time to sort out your priorities and expend your energy wisely. Don’t forget to spare some time for self-care.



Gemini, your social circle is expanding, and you’re enjoying all the extra love and attention you’re getting. However, Neptune’s retrograde is here to remind you to get in touch with yourself. In other words, it’s time to take yourself out on a solo date.



Cancer, it’s time for you to step down from painting yourself as the bad guy. While you may have had your fair share of terrible experiences, things are about to change. All you need to do is take baby steps, and everything will be just fine.


Leo, you’re always the center of attention, but how about returning that kind favor? This Neptune retrograde, show your appreciation and love for the people in your life. Also, it’s okay if you’re feeling slightly out of momentum. Rest assured, it won’t last long.



Virgo, your imaginative powers are heightened now more than ever. While you can use them to conquer new avenues, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Try spending time with people who understand you inside out, so you can ward off anxiety.



Libra, you’re forever caught up in a frenzy to balance things. This Neptune retrograde will allow you to bring back rhythm and romance in your life. However, it’s best to set realistic expectations and not invest too much of yourself.


Scorpio now is the time to process your feelings regarding your professional career. If you’re anxious about not nailing your job or missing out on opportunities, just breathe. It’s best to get some handy advice from your dear ones and think ahead.



Sagittarius, you need to come out of hibernation and reconnect with your adventurous side. If going out isn’t your thing anymore, plan an indoor party with your pals. This is also the time to handle things you’ve been postponing and set goals for yourself.


Capricorn, you’re tired of managing everything yourself, so maybe it’s time to delegate. Instead of taking up all responsibility and feeling disillusioned, try sharing your load for once. In this way, you’ll be able to make steady and gradual progress.


Aquarius, you may feel like an emotional wreck, but this will pass. Your mood swings might lead to dramatic decisions, so remember to steer clear of unrealistic expectations. Try seeing people in a clear light, and remember to stay connected with yourself.



Pisces, your dreamy and fantasy-loving nature is sky-high, thanks to your ruling planet’s retrograde journey. It’s best to let go of limitations and distance yourself from situationships that serve no good. When the going gets hard, unwind with a relaxing bath, and breathe.