Unpacking The Dark Side Of The Kpop Industry

Every industry has a bad side, but Kpop wasn’t an industry that seems so pure everyone would never have thought there were secrets! As much as we love the stars, do we really know what they’re going through?

Kpop has slowly been taking over the world! The music and culture are influencing our very own, and we’ve been embracing and loving it!

The same can’t be said for the stars we love. They work so hard, but it’s not always to their benefit because the world of Kpop holds deep and dark secrets!

Kpop Boot Camps


From as young as 11-years old, kids are sent to Kpop boot camps where they learn to become stars. They’re isolated from their friends and family and are often treated like slaves!

They spend their nights sleeping in rooms packed with eight people, that some of them even end up on the floor! And their days practicing dance routines and songs till they’ve perfected both and are rewarded with a room!

Women Are Treated As Sex Slaves


It’s nothing new in the entertainment industry, where women can only get to the top by sleeping their way up. But in the Kpop industry, it doesn’t even come as a choice. Their managers for a deal pimp out artists.

Emphasis On Plastic Surgery

Photo by Artur Tumasjan on Unsplash

Many stars get work done so that they can fit the criteria for a pop star. This involves nose jobs and eye-lifts so they can look the part, and by this time, it’s too late for them to back out!

They Don’t Get Compensated.


For all the money they make producing music and performing, they don’t see much of it. Most of the profits go to the companies who give the excuse that they’ve put in a lot of work with the stars!

Some stars are still living in shared accommodation even while working for the record company and have to find the money for their expenses independently. These expenses include their rent!



The stars are forced from their days in Kpop boot camp to keep a strict diet and exercise regimen. Because their image needs to meet the criteria of a star, and their weight plays a big role in that image!

No Dating


It’s forbidden for the stars to have any romantic partners throughout their contract. Their lives are strictly controlled by the record label that they rarely have an opportunity to talk to someone of the opposite sex!

No Vacations

Photo by Chen Mizrach on Unsplash

The stars are usually so dedicated to their work that BTS was finally given time off for an extended vacation after six years. For an industry that promotes such positive influence over the fan base, their secrets are rather dark!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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