Unpacking The Different Phases Of A Relationship

Jul 23, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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Being in a relationship can seem like one of the most difficult things globally, and going through different phases with your partner seems to make it that much more difficult to get through the bad times.


Understanding each of the phases that your relationship goes through and how to come out of them stronger and closer than ever is extremely beneficial to your romantic relationships and something that we should all know how to do.

Here are the five stages of a relationship and everything that you need to know about them.

First Stage



The first stage of the relationship, known as the honeymoon or merging stage, is that stage with all of the butterflies, late-night chats, and good feelings that come with getting to know someone and falling in love.


It is important to enjoy this stage of the relationship because it is a blissful stage and one in which you and your partner will seem like one mind in two bodies. This is not a feeling that can last forever, so you should make the most of it while you can.

Second Stage



The second stage of a relationship is a stark contrast to the first stage because it is the stage in which we start to see that we do actually have differences from our partner and might start to become disillusioned with the relationship.


In this stage of the relationship, you will begin to have conflicts, and the future of your relationship will depend upon how well you can deescalate those conflicts and come to solutions with your partner.

Third Stage



The third stage of the relationship is when disillusionment with the relationship and your partner sets in. It might feel like there is nothing more that you can do to be together, and it is time to call it quits for good.


It is important in this stage that you do not sweep problems under the rug. If you are going to continue with the relationship, you must deal with the issues that have come up during this stage of the relationship.

Fourth Stage



In the fourth stage of your relationship, you will need to take stock of what has happened and what you are aiming for in the future. Th fourth stage of the relationship is the time for you to decide what you want from this relationship and if you want to continue on.


In this stage, you can either decide to call it quits with your partner or decide to work on the relationship. However, if you decide to stay in the relationship, you must find new ways of communicating and handling conflict that could help you move forward.

Fifth Stage



If you manage to work past all of the issues in the middle stages of the relationship and reach the fifth stage of a relationship, congratulations because you have truly found wholehearted unconditional love.

In this stage, you will know that your partner is imperfect, and you now have a love filled with purpose. It might not be as passionate as the first stage, but it will certainly be worth finding the love that comes with the fifth stage.

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