Unpacking The Meaning Behind Different Flowers

May brings us closer to Mother’s day. Also, you may have some Taurus babies in your life, and you might be making a meal out of your nails, wondering what to gift them. Flowers are a great place to start as they are easily accessible and look incredible. 

However, before selecting a pretty bunch, take a minute to research what your intended bouquet means. As pretty as they look, not all flowers symbolize happiness and love, but some also express anger and negativity.

We are not looking to send mixed signals to your loved ones, so some caution is necessary. Ready to find out the true meaning of your floral gift? Let’s unpack it below and get you ready to express yourself with intention.

Red Roses

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Red roses are the most romantic flowers on the market. These classic flowers are perfect for gifting to a special someone since they symbolize love and desire. So make your lover’s heart sing with these perfect romantic keepsakes. 


The meaning behind each carnation depends on the color. However, the basic carnation means fascination, distinction, and love. Therefore, these blooms are florist’s favorite as they are perfect for any occasion ranging from birthdays to retirement parties. 


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In the Victorian era, many-petaled flowers represented anger. However, this luxurious bloom derives a unique meaning from Chinese culture. Despite having several meanings, the most common one is that a peony represents wealth and good fortune.


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This flower is not only aesthetically appealing is ripe with meaning stemming from centuries past. Dated to fifteenth-century China, chrysanthemums were the flowers planted by the nobles to represent longevity. So make sure to gift them on birthdays and anniversaries.


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These flowers have cheerful, sunny little faces that can light up any room. It, therefore, makes sense that the first level of girl scout is called Daisy since the flowers represent innocence. Why not accompany this sweet gift with some cookies too?


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These flowers smell so delicious that you might be tempted to eat them. They have an adorable little bell shape with a meaning that’s more than cute. These flowers represent purity, humility, happiness, and luck.


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Chamomile is a popular scent. Despite its popularity concerning its ability to affect relaxation, Chamomile flowers mean the complete opposite. In the early 19th century, the flower represented energy in adversity. Thus, feel free to gift chamomile flowers and chamomile tea to help the receiver prepare for the day ahead.


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Suppose you would want to declare your love for someone you want to choose tulips. Moreover, they are easy to style in a pretty arrangement and will stand out in any vase. Therefore, gifting them would make a bold statement.


Despite these flowers looking and sounding similar to a ferocious dragon, these flowers represent deception and graciousness when pressed together. An old wives tale believes in hiding this flower on your body to appear more fascinating.

Calla Lilies

Depending on what you would like to convey, each hue of these lilies offers a different meaning. Yellow stands for gratitude and purple for passion. The typical white calla lily is traditionally used in weddings to symbolize purity, innocence, and honesty.

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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