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Unpacking The Stages of A Twin Flame Relationship


September 02, 2021

Being in a twin flame relationship is extremely challenging. It will push you to limits that you didn’t know you had and then bring you to a depth of joy and love that you didn’t know existed, all the while making you feel as if you’re losing your mind.

However, how can you be sure whether or not you’re in a twin flame relationship or simply a toxic one? There are some telltale signs of a twin flame relationship, but the twin flame relationship stages make it distinctive. 

There are eight stages to a twin flame relationship, and WomanlyLive is here to discuss each of them. 


You might be in a relationship at this time that you don’t feel is right for you and feel like there is something better out there. You might be single and feel as though your twin flame’s heart is calling out to your own. 

At this stage, you are becoming aware of the fact that your twin flame is out there, and you will start to understand that there is more to love and understanding another person than you have ever previously experienced. 


The yearning phase can last anywhere from weeks to months, but it cannot last forever because you will eventually meet your twin flame. This will obviously happen in the meeting stage of a twin flame relationship. 

In this stage, you will meet your twin flame, and there will be instant recognition. You might feel as though you have known this person your entire life despite meeting them only a few moments ago. 


Every relationship has a honeymoon phase in which you and your partner will get to know one another and share things with the other person about yourself that you feel you would never have shared with anybody else. 

However, in a twin flame relationship, this stage is much more intense. You will feel as if your twin flame is everything that you have ever wanted in a person and that your life would not be complete if you ever lost them. 


One of the most important things to note about a twin flame relationship is that it will bring out both the best and the worst in you. This is because a twin flame relationship mirrors yourself and will expose all of your core wounds. 

You will find yourself learning things about yourself that you didn’t know and may not like, and you will also learn things about your twin flame that you do not like and will try to get them to notice in the way you do. 


Once you have been through the challenge stage where every imperfection has been sought out and magnified, you will come to the test stage of the relationship where your insecurities will rear their ugly heads. 

Everything about yourself that you dislike and every insecurity you’ve ever experienced in a relationship will show up in this stage. The way you handle it will determine how the rest of your relationship will pan out. 


One thing that is certain in a twin flame relationship is that someone will always walk away. One of the partners will always decide that it is all too much for them and jump ship, leaving the other in complete and utter despair. 

This separation is essential for both partners in a twin flame relationship because the intensity of the relationship can be extremely taxing on both individuals, and having some time apart can help both parties to calm down and recollect their thoughts and emotions. 



During the surrender stage, both partners will learn to work through their past trauma, triggers, and insecurities until they can have healthy relationships with themselves and others. 

This process can go on for many years and can result in one or both of the twin flames moving on completely so that the two never meet again. However, it is important to note that your work as a twin flame couple is done if you do not meet again. 


It is quite rare that twin flame couples find their ways back to one another and carry out a lasting and successful relationship from there. The job of a twin flame relationship is simply to teach you about yourself.

However, some couples do find their way back to one another and facilitate even more growth for one another. If you do not find your way back to your twin flame, you will definitely find your way back to yourself, which is an even bigger prize.