Upside Down Bikini May Be Hottest Summer Trend

Apr 01, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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You should hydrate well for the next few months because the latest bikini trend will heat up the summer. It may seem like a strange concept at first, but we say you shouldn’t knock it until you try it.


Summer is only two months away, which means things are starting to heat up literally and figuratively. The sun is finally out more, and a bikini-clad day out at the beach does not seem too far off in our schedules.

Last summer may have been a little stressful, but now we are making up for it with a fun new swimwear trend. Read more to explore why and how wearing your bikini upside down is the hottest trend for the summer.

Tracking The Beginning Of The Trend


Everyone has seen or owned a string bikini at some point in their lives, which is the star of this trend. Surprisingly, in the long existence of string bikini’s no one had thought to wear them differently until last year.

Last summer was a bit of a bummer for most people who stayed at home and avoided traveling. Wealthy celebrities continued with their summer vacation plans and paid for tests, decontaminating, and other covid precautions.


The Kardashian Jenner clan shared their typical summer holiday bikini pictures, but something was different. Fans and fashionistas noticed that the family was wearing their string bikinis upside down.

At first, we saw Kendall’s posts which Kourtney and then Kylie followed. Although the alternative styling option looks fantastic, we couldn’t have prepared for how much it blew up over the last few months.

How To Wear The Trend


First, you need a string bikini, and it is possible that you have one at the bottom of a drawer somewhere. Then, you need to swap the bikini’s position so that the halter neck straps are the back straps and vice versa.

After that, there isn’t much to do but enjoy having a second bikini style for one’s price. There have been some variations to the upside-down bikini trend, too, which means you will really get a bang for your buck.


From just one bikini top, you can get several different styles like criss-cross and strapless tops. All you need to do is tie the top’s strings across your chest or front to achieve the looks mentioned.

Checking Out Practicality


Although the underboob style created by this new trend is attractive, it isn’t the most practical. Underboob started becoming trendy in fashion in 2018, which is rumored to be when this string bikini trend emerged.

There is no denying that underboob looks fantastic, but only a select few can pull it off very well. This style may be pretty impractical for women with fuller breasts that need support.


The criss-cross style may be the most effective one for all women as the strings are a bit more sturdy that way. Tying the top in the front for a strapless bra may be a complete bust for those with full breasts.

This sustainable re-styling option is fantastic for saving money, but it may not be the best for swimming. However, we know that the trend is perfectly practical for Instagram, so get snapping this summer.