Weekly Horoscope: Looks Like There Is A Silver Lining After All

This week falls right at the beginning of the eclipse season, which brings sudden change and impulse. Thankfully, the energy is still stable enough to control as things gradually pick up. 

Everybody may experience spurts of unusual energy this week, but it is not overwhelming just yet. Read your weekly horoscope to see how you will need to manage your reactions and actions over the week.


You’ll have to deal with a surge of energy that leads you into an adventurous mode, Aries. There is excitement to start new trails and meet new people, but your obligations slow down your roll. 

You’ll need to exercise patience and persevere to get back into it. You will soon feel like you can be everywhere at once and will use this energy to work towards your goals and get something off your chest. 


You started the week in an unusually impulsive state, Taurus, but you’ve slowly come back to yourself. People are drawn to your ability to persist and charismatic energy, which opens you up to flattery and attention. 

Enjoy this curiosity, and don’t be quick to rule out a romantic connection from this. Your energy continues to run high this weekend, making it easier for you to clearly express your thoughts and feelings.


Gemini, you are quick-witted, ready to go, and extremely efficient at the beginning of this week. You should drop your speed level down to a relaxing cruise so you don’t burnout. 

You’ll gain your energy back in time for the weekend, where you can participate in your favorite activities. Have a great time while you connect with new people and try new things these next few days


You are a sensitive creature, Cancer, so staying calm in highly emotional situations is challenging for you. Thankfully, you can push yourself to not react to turmoil this week, which works in your favor. 

All eyes are on you this weekend, so make plans to socialize with other young and attractive people! Don’t be afraid to break out of your shell and live a little, Cancer. Now is your time to shine. 


This week is fantastic for your development, Leo; enjoy learning new things and meeting exciting people. Try to incorporate your professional goals and more significant picture into your new interactions as well. 

Everyone looks to you for a great time this weekend. Lead the pack to try a new activity or spot. Go in big groups and enjoy the company of these people who are attracted to your warmth.


Your heightened sense of purpose lifts your spirits and inspires you to get to work this week, Virgo. Others may not be in the same boat as you, so you have to soldier on by yourself for a few days. 

Try a new spot, travel a few minutes out of town, do anything to shift your perspective for new ideas. You’ll come into the weekend with a fresh energy that promotes socializing. 


A situation may call for you to make a compromise for the sake of a relationship, Libra. Thankfully, you are the master of striking a fair balance, so use these skills to find win-win solutions to any issue. ‘

Your focus is on your relationships this week, and people in your circles appreciate the effort. Chat to someone close to you about new ideas this weekend, and also watch out for possible distractions on Sunday.


Watch your step, Scorpio! You are dodging all sorts of trouble as this week unfolds, but you’ll get through with caution. Your instincts tell you to assert yourself, but the solution is to slow down and be flexible. 

Try to keep yourself in a cautious mode throughout the weekend to make it through safely. You may be restless and ready to take a risk, but trust that this will not end in your favor, Scorpio. Take it easy. 


You can do anything with the amount of energy you have this week, Sagittarius. Enthusiasm and a child-like sense of wonder put you in a great position to find new ways to deal with specific tasks. 

Your mind has a collection of ideas that will inspire conversations going into the weekend. Go with the flow over the next few days, and do not do anything your mood doesn’t desire.


Put some items off and focus on relaxing as the week goes on, Capricorn. This may not necessarily be your modus operandi, but we all need to let loose and goof off once in a while, dear goat. 

Some people may test your boundaries this weekend as well. These people are all talk and no action, so encourage them to get to the point or leave you alone instead. Don’t take anything personally, Capricorn.


Whoever’s back you scratch will scratch yours this week, Aquarius. Your desire to lend a helping hand pays off at the beginning of the week, but things do come to a boring halt that you can avoid with some creativity.  

Your energy is magnetic this weekend, creating opportunities for connections that mean much more. Try to come down from your high by Sunday evening and start to shift your focus towards a calm week ahead.


Lines were blurred at the beginning of the week, putting you in a compromising position, Pisces. You had to sort through lies, which has made you skeptical about making any further steps at the moment. 

It is safe to say that you are in a green zone now and can proceed with caution. Change is on its way, so be careful not to make any big moves and prepare yourself to be in the mood for some fun on Sunday. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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