Weird And Wonderful Ways To Use Banana In Your Beauty Regimen

Jun 04, 2021
01:00 P.M.
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Bananas are a well-known superfood because they offer many health benefits. Bananas are superfoods that are also great for your skin and hair.


Bananas are a great source of vitamins, making them the perfect friend to your skin and hair. They are easily used in any preparation and can be crushed and added to a homemade mask.

They also contain antibacterial agents that help your skin get rid of blemishes and signs of aging. Here's how you can use this handy fruit in your daily beauty ritual.

Banana Face Mask


One great way to use bananas for your beauty ritual is to make a homemade face mask. If your skin is losing its suppleness, or if you see fine lines on your face, don't wait for a miracle to happen naturally. Just mash an overripe banana for your face mask.

A banana mask mixed with honey and lemon juice helps control the oily appearance of the skin without drying it out. Vitamin C in bananas helps your skin regain its radiance and appear firmer.

Banana Eye Mask

Bananas are perfect for the eyes as well. Have you noticed dark spots under your eyes? Simply use the mashed bananas under your eyes after waking up to get a bright, shiny look; if the bananas are cold, even better.


This natural banana remedy can help you solve the problem of your dull morning look and make it look brighter. Banana peels can be cut into small squares and stored in the refrigerator, then used under the eyes to remedy dark circles.

Banana Hair Mask

Bananas aren't just for the skin; they also work wonders for the hair. If you are struggling with dry, dull hair, grab a banana and make your natural hair masks at home. For hair masks, all you need is a mixture of mashed bananas and honey.

Take a bowl and mash two bananas (make sure there are no lumps) and add one to two tablespoons of organic honey and mix them well. Apply the mixture to damp hair and wrap your hair in a shower cap. Allow the mask for twenty minutes before rinsing it thoroughly. Be sure to use hot water when rinsing to remove the honey faster.


Banana Body Scrub

You can use bananas to make a natural exfoliant for your body. If you have a dull complexion or brown spots on your hands and legs, mix two bananas with brown or regular sugar to make this scrub (be sure to crush the sugar before adding it to the mashed banana).

Apply it all over your body and rub it gently. Let it sit for a few minutes and watch your skin become smooth. This is also one of the best ways to use bananas in your daily beauty routine.

Banana Teeth Whitening Mask


Do you have a habit of whitening your teeth as part of your daily beauty ritual? Oral hygiene is essential, and no one likes to see yellow teeth. The banana is an excellent friend for your oral beauty ritual.

Get brighter, whiter teeth naturally at home with the help of banana peel (something you never thought you could use). Rub the inner of a banana peel on your teeth every day before going to bed at night. The magnesium, manganese, and potassium in the peel will make your teeth whiter naturally.