Women witn Medusa piercing | Source: Pexels.com/Antonio Friedemann | Shutterstock.com
Women witn Medusa piercing | Source: Pexels.com/Antonio Friedemann | Shutterstock.com

What We Know about the Medusa or Philtrum Piercing

Titi Dokubo
Nov 25, 2022
03:15 A.M.
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The Medusa piercing is a top lip piercing positioned in the nasolabial fold, slightly below the nasal septum. The nasolabial fold is also called the philtrum or cupid's bow.


People usually settle for different types of piercings, and if you are about to get your first piercing, it can be daunting to choose one. However, knowledge is vital, and the correct information will make your choice easier.

Before making a piercing commitment, you must determine the cost, safety, and hygiene of the establishment where you will do it and the aftercare procedures.

Woman leaning and showing off her Medusa piercing | Source: Pexels.com/Cottonbro Studio

Woman leaning and showing off her Medusa piercing | Source: Pexels.com/Cottonbro Studio

Only you can decide where you want your first piercing to be, but it is a decision you have to be sure about because you don't want to regret your choice once done. You can pierce your ears, belly button, or other body parts.

However, if you want a feminine, delicate and seductive piercing, the medusa piercing will attract everyone's attention. You must have clear information about this type of body adornment.


Medusa Piercing Is One Type of Lip Piercing


The medusa piercing is a deep puncture on the philtrum, the skin between the mouth and nose. The perforation goes from the mouth's inside to the lip's upper portion, where the jewel is displayed. Said piercing is always located quite centrally.

Once it has been made, the experienced professional usually puts a stud to accessorize the piercing. However, the client chooses their preferred jewel for their piercing.


Pros and Cons of This Type of Piercing

The advantage of the Medusa piercing is that it draws attention to the contours of your lip. It is suitable for both sexes but should be done by an experienced professional. It is also a piercing that you can use to show your uniqueness and individuality.

The disadvantage is that while it is suitable for both sexes, the same cannot be said for all face shapes. In addition, when it is not done correctly, it could alter your facial symmetry. There is also the risk of getting scarred or having the site infected.

It is not advisable to pierce yourself or go to an unapproved place. However, ensure that they sterilize everything and that the business meets the health requirements.


Cupid's Bow: The Part of the Lip Where a Medusa Piercing Goes

It is a well-known fact that Cupid was the god of romantic love in ancient Rome. He represented himself as a winged child with a bow and a quiver full of arrows of love.

The upper part of the lip is called the Cupid's bow because of its resemblance and attractiveness. If it is well-defined, it can significantly beautify the face.

This lip part usually forms the letter 'M' and is located toward the center of the mouth. In addition, it is directly in line with the grooved space known as the philtrum. This space is between the nose and mouth.


The Cupid's bow is different for everyone as some people have it more pronounced than others, while others don't have the Cupid's bow.

The bow is responsible for giving the lips the heart shape. It has become the most sought-after shape of the upper lip. When it is prominent, it has a perfectly drawn arch shape and is easy to see with or without makeup.

No research has revealed the health functions of the Cupid's bow, but some have suggested that it aids non-verbal communication.

Woman with Medusa piercing and pink orchids hair decoration | Source: Pexels.com/Antonio Friedemann

Woman with Medusa piercing and pink orchids hair decoration | Source: Pexels.com/Antonio Friedemann

Other Types of Lip Piercings

While there are other types of popular piercings, there are over ten lip piercings with different names. The most popular lip piercings are the labret, vertical labret, and vertical philtrum.


The labret piercing is located just beneath the lip, but it can be placed on the side of the lip and is equally beautiful. However, because it sits at the edge of the gums, it can irritate the area when not handled properly.

The vertical labret is another common lip piercing. The qualified specialist would insert a bar vertically through the bottom lip's center to achieve this piercing.

Woman with labret piercing holding yellow flowers | Source: Pexels.com/Juan Ló

Woman with labret piercing holding yellow flowers | Source: Pexels.com/Juan Ló

The vertical philtrum, also known as the vertical Medusa or the jestrum lip piercing, is the third most popular lip piercing. This piercing, however, differs differently from the Medusa piercing.

Unlike the Medusa, a curved barbell is used for vertical philtrum lip piercing, and both ends are visible outside. The bottom of the barbell usually bends or curls around the upper lip.


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