Winter Styling Tips & Tricks Worth Learning

Nov 04, 2020
05:52 A.M.
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Baby, it’s getting cold outside, and we need to look chic while keeping warm and cozy. The two always seem to be opposing options even though they should always merge.


Many women feel frumpy during the colder seasons from trying to dress as warmly as possible. There seems to be a misconception that you need to freeze if you want to wear fashionable outfits in winter.

The true fashionista knows that there is no real compromise between style and comfort. Follow the five simple styling steps below to look stylish during the cold fall and winter seasons.

Layer Like A Pro


There is a reason why you see all of the fashion bloggers wearing half of their closets in the winter. Putting on multiple layers of clothing has proven to be both practical and chic.

Take it even further by trying unique layering choices when it’s icy. Look fashion week ready with a dress or skirt over a pair of pants and pile on the turtle necks under a shirt, which is under a coat.

Bring Out The Boots


Your boots are made for walking, but let them do all the talking this winter. Style your favorite short pant or skirt outfits with a good quality pair of thigh length boots and stay sexy while you stay warm.

Ankle boots are also an essential item for your winter wardrobe. These ankle-grazing shoes look best with cropped jeans and mid-length dresses and skirts, so rock them out when it’s cold as well.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Faux Fur.


Nobody genuinely enjoys freezing weather, but the opportunity to wear faux fur makes it worth it. Your outfit can end up looking like a million bucks with just a little bit of this fuzzy texture.

Mixing and matching textiles and items with a fur jacket or coat can also result in many fun outfits. We love a bold fur accent on a leather coat for an extra chic touch to every winter ensemble.

Invest In A Winter Hat


Many people forget about accessorizing during winter, and we are here to remind you that it’s vital. Instead of splurging on another pair of boots this year, try looking for an eye-catching hat to purchase.

A snazzy winter hat will make your outfit look unique and help keep your head and ears warm. You will also stand out from the crowd with a chic hat that most people wouldn’t think of buying.

Wear Socks Or Tights With All Types Of Shoes


We like to branch out from the typical boots and sneakers pick during winter once in a while. Heels and sandals expose more skin than the winter shoes, but a quick styling tip can save you from the cold.

Pair all of your shoes with socks or tights during winter to make a leg and toe warming fashion statement. No ankle will ever feel unpleasantly chilly again with this simple style hack.