Your Guide To Responding To Unwanted Nudes

We’ve all opened a messaged and had our eyes burned by an unwanted image. From unsolicited full frontal nudes to the infamous d*ck pic, the internet has given rise to some of the most awkward moments.

In that awful moment after having your day unceremoniously tainted, figuring out what to do in response to the unwanted content is extremely difficult. However, there are five very effective ways to respond.


1. Block The Culprit

No response is the best response in my opinion. For your own peace of mind, block the culprit so they can’t disturb you ever again.

Not only does blocking him give you peace of mind but it will probably work on his mind for days to come. Perhaps he’ll think twice about sending another girl nudes in case she blocks him too.


2. Reply With Something Better

A friend once told me her boyfriend opened a message from a random in her inbox and on discovering it was an unsolicited nude decided to have a little fun. He responded with a more “impressive” picture from a quick Google search.

Apparently, it left the original poster gobsmacked and fuming. If you want a little revenge and a good laugh, this might be the option for you.


3. Play Dumb

Another personal favorite is playing dumb. Usually, the person sending the unsolicited nude is either fishing for compliments or simply overconfident.

So asking “is that it” or “what am I looking at” is bound to irritate them on some level. It will also make them reconsider sending you any more ever again which is a win-win situation if you ask me.


4. Report Them

Sending unsolicited nudes is considered sexual harassment. Threaten to report the person for their actions. If they continue to send you unwanted content, go ahead, and report them.

“Being harassed online can take a toll on your physical and mental health, sense of safety, and relationships,”

explains Astroglide’s resident sexologist Jess O’Reilly, Ph.D

5. Educate Them

Finally, if you feel like you can hold a conversation with the person and rationalize with them, ask them what made them send the image. Explain that it made you feel violated and harassed.

Begin by educating them on sexual harassment and the laws surrounding unsolicited sharing of nudes. You may just change his views on sending unwanted pictures in the future.

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