Zodiac Guide: 7 Intriguing Facts About A Gemini

Gemini is the third astrological sign, symbolized by “the twins.” People born under this Air sign are highly communicative, love learning and exploring new things, and value their independence above all else. 

The Gemini season begins on May 21 and ends on June 21. This zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mercury and tends to have an incredible view of life, on the whole, thriving upon enthusiasm and innovative ideas. 

Because of their flexible and fun nature, Geminis can get along well with nearly all kinds of people, except for Pisces, Virgo, and sometimes Sagittarius. Keep reading to find out more about this mutable Air sign.  

Very Communicative 

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Geminis love to talk about anything and everything, and they’re highly skilled at expressing their thoughts and opinions. They are characterized by Hermes, who were the communicators to the gods according to Greek mythology. This is the reason why Geminis are regarded as the communicators of the zodiac. 

Good With Words

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Don’t be surprised if you’re surrounded by a Gemini who excels at writing, poetry, acting, or public speaking. This is because this Air sign has a way with words, and they can nail any field related to writing. 


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Geminis are the boss babes, setting the fashion and beauty world ablaze with their class and style. They can invent new and chic trends, and whatever they choose to wear automatically becomes the next “It thing.” 

Obsessed With Cars 

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Fancy, flashy, and luxe cars can quickly fascinate Geminis. They love cars, and they love to drive fast, big, and sporty cars to express their style. Their driving skills are on another level so that you can trust your Gemini friend in the driving seat. 


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Geminis love to crack jokes, and their wit and humor know no bounds. They are entertaining and fun to be around because they know exactly what to do and how to cheer you up whenever you’re having a crappy day. 


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This Air sign thrives upon companionship, which is why they love to network and make new friends. Their jolly nature makes them easy to get along with, and that’s one reason why people love being in their company. 


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Geminis are free thinkers, and sometimes their affinity for contemplation can lead to overthinking and stress. However, they value their independence above everything and will never make compromises when it comes to themselves. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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