10 Adventurous Makeup Trends Worth Trying Once

Jun 09, 2021
09:00 P.M.
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The months of lockdown and the hours spent enjoying beauty challenges on social media seem to have brought rise to a few bold trends worth giving a go.


Many people may have predicted that less would be more regarding makeup trends as the lockdown eased up. Though the no-makeup makeup is undoubtedly a big hit, the bold looks are coming with a vengeance, and we love to see it.

These are some of the makeup trends that are popping all over the socials worth trying out. Who knows, pink mascara might become your go-to look this summer.

No-Makeup Makeup


The point of the look is not to bring much attention to your makeup as such. Instead, the key is to achieve a subtle glowy complexion.

Multi-Colored Eyeshadow


If you're going for the multi-colored eyeshadow look, add a neutral-colored primer. This will help prevent whatever shadows you apply on top from fading or blending into themselves.

Burgundy Lips


Good news, everybody. Lipstick is slowly making its comeback and among the colors to try out asap is a deep broody burgundy.

Uplifting Color


Go for a mood-lifting color like a grassy green, a bold blue, or a cheery yellow. A bright, confident color can help bring a spring to your step.

Glossy-Eyeshadow Trend


The glossy eyeshadow trend is ideal even for a beginner makeup enthusiast. It's not overly technical, and it allows for a bit of versatility because it doesn't have to look "perfect" to look good.

Classic Cat-Eye


Classics are classics for a reason. Go with the winning formula by opting to go with a classic, no fuss, no frills bold winged liner.

Fluttery Mascara


Throw subtlety out of the window and heavily cake on your mascara. Apply several coats, wiggle the comb through your lashes till it looks clumpy and fluttery. Do the top and bottom lashes for a more dramatic effect.

Neon Colors


Since we're embracing color, we might as well take it a step bolder and brighter by experimenting with showstopping neon colors.

Colored Eyelashes


Blue is often considered one of the easier go-to colors for alternative lash shades, but violet and pink are also quite trendy.

Floating Liner

Gone are the days where your eyeliner had to stick to your lash line. The graphic liner trend has brought rise to so many other fun ways of pulling your eyeliner. The floating liner look is definitely one to try out.