10 Green Flags To Look For Before Agreeing To A Second Date

You went out for a first date with someone and after having a good meal, you find the only thing left on your plate is the prospect of a second date.

But before you decide if that will be all for you, or if you’re down for more, it might be a good idea to determine whether the sparks that were flying were fireworks (in that case, stay and watch) or something burning in the kitchen (run for the hills).

However, even if the date goes swellingly, green flags are only a guideline. If some ticks all the boxes, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re “the one” or even that they’re good for you but they are a good sign.

The Little Things

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When you’re on a date, especially if it’s going well, you might get swept up in the intriguing conversation. There are a lot of words exchanged while two people are getting to know each other. If your date remembers some of the things that even you might have forgotten you said, it might be a good sign.

They’re Nice To People

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Disrespect is a very red flag. If you find that your date says their “please and thank you’s” to other people they interact with it’s a sign of good character. Not just that, but showing general good manners and a courteous cadence are things to look out for.

They’re Nice To You

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Take note if your date tries to be accomodating and nice to you too. Do they try to help with what they can, and ask if you got home safely?

They Care About Themselves

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Not If they take time to do some self care. If they have practices to nurture themselves and their mental well-being, you might have a keeper.

Respecting Boundaries

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Your date respects the boundaries that you set and validates your thoughts and feelings. Additionally, they also have healthy boundaries.

You Feel Comfortable

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While a first date can naturally come with its jitters and maybe even some awkwardness, if, all things considered, you feel comfortable with your date; green flag. On the other hand, if they say things that make you offish, take note of that.

They Have Other Healthy Relationships

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They don’t have to be an extroverted socialite but do they have other relationships with friends or family. This shows they value genuine connections.

They’re Curious About You

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Consider whether your date asks follow-up questions to the things you say or does the conversation feel one-sided? Follow-up questions can show that they are not only listening, but they are engaged and interested.

Similar Religious and Political Views

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If politics and religion are a big deal to you, you definitely don’t want to wait to have this conversation months into your relationship and end up shocked. If you can find common ground on things topics that mean a lot to – green flag.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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