10 Kissing Tips Worth Knowing

Sometimes you kiss someone to show your affection, other times out of pure physical attraction. But, are you kissing well? Knowing how to kiss is an art. 

Do we tilt our heads to the right or the left? Are we going to kiss with the tongue or without? Do we keep our eyes open or not? The French are known for the famous French kiss. That doesn’t mean that others don’t know how to kiss. 

For a good reason, kissing is a subtle exercise that requires our full attention. A good kiss must adapt to the desires of everyone.

1. The First Kiss

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Easy isn’t it? Yes, after giving it. First, don’t pounce on the mouth as if it were a cream puff. Begin to kiss the areas of the face near the lips lightly. Nibbling can be a variant that breaks the monotony, but remember that they are not two rare steaks.

2. The Kiss

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Caress the other person’s lips with your lips, and lightly touch your face, do not rush things. Wait for the lips to unfold, do not force events, and take breaks. 

It’s the best way to appreciate a kiss, especially if it’s the first one. Once and for all: there is no standard kiss; it is a game between the two.

3. It Never Has To Be A Show Of Strength

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Do not think only of yourself. Instead, try to find out what the other likes best. Do not think about what could happen next. Just focus on the delight of that kiss, on your lips. It is good to isolate yourself from your surroundings mentally.

4. Focus And Close Your Eyes

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At that moment, there should be nothing other than you and the other person. Kissing with your eyes closed or open? Closed without a doubt! It is the best way to appreciate the kiss and “see” the sensations and colors it makes you feel!

5. What Not To Do

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Avoid sticking out your tongue before your lips meet and fuse with your partners (lizard kiss). Avoid kissing with rapid tongue movements of the “in-out” type.

It is not pleasant to think of being kissed by a lama. Another wrong way to kiss is when the tongue rummages in the mouth of the other as if looking for something to find.

6. How To Start A Kiss

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While you look into each other’s eyes, slowly bring your lips closer to your partner’s until both lips touch. Then withdraw for a moment and meet them again. A sequence of chaste and close kisses is a prelude to the kiss that will follow.

7. Hand Placement

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It is essential how you hug while kissing. Slowly but firmly, your right arm can surround their waist or shoulders. Alternatively, your right hand slowly can slip through your lover’s hair at the nape of their neck. With a bit of practice, you will perfect the art!

8. Kissing Brings You Closer

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Kissing helps bring each other closer and gives a taste of the smell, taste, and pheromones involved in the duration of a relationship.

Kisses open the doors and indicate the way to continue. Knowing the chemistry in a kiss will help you understand why a kiss worked or why it didn’t.

9. Don’t Let Excitement Put You Off

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The thought of your first kiss can make you tingle. This is perfectly normal! Because the fear of the first kiss makes it clear how much your heart beats for your crush and how important it is to you that nothing goes wrong with it. 

It’s just a new experience for you, and whether it’s the first date, the first touch, or the first kiss, the excitement will always be there, and that’s a good thing! Because it is precisely this excitement that makes the first time so exciting in your life and something extraordinary.

10. No Pressure

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Don’t expect the first kiss to go off straight away, like in a Hollywood movie! The only thing that matters is that you are ready for it and that the feelings are there for each other. Because then the kiss comes naturally. There is no recipe for kissing!

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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