10 Pieces Of Marriage Advice Couples Need To Remember

There are many theories on what makes for happy relationships and how to have happier marriages. You don’t have to look far to find many quotes from scientists, authors, and many more who advise us on how to create our happiness forever.

Indeed we have different ways of reacting to things. What if this difference was just the result of different values, different needs, different beliefs, different experiences.

Now there are things to know about healthy relationships, where everyone exists as they are! It’s true. No one gave us the How To Make A Relationship Workbook. So we manage as best we can.

1. Forgive Old Wounds

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Every moment of your life can be positive or negative, and when health responds perfectly, this condition of life is not dictated by fate but by choices. The art of maintaining happiness in our lives is a careful balance between holding back and letting go.

Yes, as it is expected that some people (including ourselves) in whom we have placed our trust will harm us, we cannot avoid it because being hurt is not a choice. It is instead to remain in despair. Let go of the pain behind you and grab the good that you will encounter in front of you.

2. Confess Your Mistakes

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Ok, let’s start with the fundamentals before committing anything that may be unbearable to men or women: an honest heart is the basis of anything right in the world. 

The most honest people of all are not the ones who never make mistakes, but the ones who admit they were wrong, then go ahead and do their best to correct them and correct themselves. Being honest with your partner indeed remains one of the most important things we can research for ourselves.

3. Enough With The Gossip

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A good rule of thumb is: If you can’t say that to their face, then you shouldn’t be saying it behind their back either. As Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Great minds speak of ideas, mediocre minds speak of events, small minds speak of people.” 

Life is too short to waste time chatting about others. If you don’t know, ask. If you don’t like it, say so. If you don’t accept it, talk about it. But forget the gossip. This is true primarily within the couple.

4. Give Your Partner Space To Make Their Decisions

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It is useless to judge the other through your experience. Don’t act or treat them as if you know them better than you do.

Everyone is different, and what may or may not work for someone does not consistently achieve the same result with everyone. We need to make peace with ourselves and allow everyone to make their own mistakes and make their own decisions.

5. It Starts With You

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If you want to wake up in a happy relationship, a good start is to live a life that makes you happy, so radiate your happiness within the relationship. The same is true of your suffering so pay attention to it. We are nothing but architects. If you want yours to be a happy relationship, first find reasons why you are happy.

6. Silence Is Golden

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It takes courage to stand up and speak, but even more, courage to stay alert and listen. Besides, your ears will never get you into trouble. More than a pounding voice, most people need someone to listen to them, not receive an answer or a reply, but only attention and understanding. 

If your beauty is equal to the love you give, your wisdom is similar to the silence you left behind. And being heard is one of the ten things that make a woman happy.

7. Let Your Love And Trust Overcome Fears

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Whoever loves never loses; whoever holds back loses. Any relationship is possible as long as you decide to give it a chance. Of course, loving means allowing someone to hurt you, but nothing is vital without this trust. 

You have to believe that others are better than your fears make you think, let others believe in you, give yourself a chance to believe in them.

8. Ask For What You Want

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Over time, you may assume that your partner knows you so well that you don’t need to ask what you want. When this condition occurs, your starting expectations are often quickly deflated by questioning the understanding that unites your relationship. 

Therefore, asking what you want becomes the right solution for expressing one’s needs, from emotional to sexual ones. After all, even to keep the passion alive, it is necessary to work hard!

9. Make Your Every Day Sexy

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What could change in your relationship if you and your partner put a lot of effort into increasing the attitudes you find sexy and limiting those that aren’t? Let’s say better, “Sexy” clearly refers to the preferences you have in the bedroom, but it also represents what excites you about your partner daily. 

Do you find it sexy if he helps you with housework? Do you find it “not very sexy” when he uses the bathroom with the door wide open? Say it and tell yourself in this exchange what is, for you and him, sexy.

10. Take A Break

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Before you cross the tipping point and see the stress cross any threshold of well-being, take a break from the discussion with your partner so that you get back as calm as possible.

The crux of this is to give yourself a particular time to reconsider and resume the conversation so that you can come to a more weighted conclusion.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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