10 Random Things That Men Find Sexy

Sexy is subjective, especially once you learn that people have different interests, fetishes, and kinks. Some things that you find strange or random could be the very thing that gets another person hot.

It isn’t prevalent to talk about the things that get you hot and heavy, mainly because it isn’t anyone else’s business. However, learning about people’s turn-ons is interesting since they are so different. 

There are many habits, ticks, and practices that we wouldn’t expect to turn someone on, but they just do. If you’re interested in knowing these unexpected turn-ons, read more and explore ten random things that men find sexy. 

Singing In The Shower

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One man told Cosmopolitan that he found it sexy when he hears his girlfriend singing in the shower. He explained that singing in the shower is cute and playful, but we also assume it has something to do with being naked and wet. 

Red Wine

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If you’re ever wondering what drink to serve to get you in the mood (consensually), then red wine is your choice. Some men admit that red wine gets them in a naughty headspace, and sometimes it can only take one glass. 

Phone Calls

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Another mad confessed that he loves it when a woman calls him instead of texting all day. He explains that the confidence that comes with making a phone call can be a complete turn-on. 


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Just before you give up on your gym crush, just know that some men find it sexy to see you sweat. Although you think your post-workout look is a mess, those flushed cheeks and wet pits can excite many men.

Messy Eating

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Sometimes it’s great to get a little bit dirty, even when you are on a date, because that might get you lucky. Some men find it sexy when a woman eats a messy meal, so don’t be afraid to order that burger next time.

Being Busy

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Some men have expressed that they like it when a woman concentrates on something else other than them. They find it sexy when you have other things to focus on and can’t snap to attention for them. 

Morning Look

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Take ‘I woke up like this’ to a whole other level because the man in your life probably finds it so hot. Men find the no makeup, messy hair, and generally undone look you have first thing in the morning very sexy. 


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While many can be afraid to intimidate the men in their lives, those men actually find being outsmarted attractive. If you can offer a man an engaging conversation, you may just impress them with your brains. 

Drunk Dials

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Sending a drunk text may be one of the most embarrassing things ever, but it shouldn’t be. Men love the ego boost from receiving a drunk text, so you can let loose and go off (responsibly) on your night out. 


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Although we wouldn’t recommend getting in a screaming match with your significant other, it may turn them on. Men love it when you can hold your own during an argument because they find assertiveness irresistible. 

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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