10 Real Life Meet Cute Stories That Will Warm Your Heart

Dec 31, 2020
08:00 A.M.
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Because sometimes love is in the neighborhood just ready to stop by and say 'hi.' Here are ten real-life life meet-cutes to make your heart pump custard.


Meet cutes are just the perfect mixture of the right time and right person. It's that moment in the film that the couple bumps into each other, and all of a sudden, life goes in slow motion, and you're rolling your eyes thinking, "it never happens like that," Well maybe, just maybe, it does.

One thing's for sure is that cupid stays strapped, just waiting for the opportune moment. These meet-cutes go to show how love lurks in the neighborhood and may be closer than you think.

An Ice-Breaker To Melt Hearts


Sahana Thiru got paired up for an orientation icebreaker in college, and I guess the whole "get to know new people" during orientation thing worked up in a big way.

She Ditched The Mans She Came With


Caitlin Hannah's mother was reluctant to go on a date; little did she know that spark would end up married to a man she would meet at the dance.

Kayla Rayne Played Together In A Band With The Man Who'd Become Her Future Spouse


Music has a profound way of bringing people together, and that was precisely the case for Kayle and her husband, who met through their shared interest in music.

He Dumped His Girlfriend Of Two Years For Her

It happens when you least expect it, but when it happens, you have to make sure you're ready for it because sometimes when you know, you know.


She Got The Scoop, Alright

Blair Thornburgh went to interview the mayor of her small town and ended up getting engaged to him.

He Asked For A Ride


Twitter user Sheila O' Malley's father asked her mother if she wanted a ride, and when she told him that she has a car, he asked if he could get a ride. Slick move.

She Got More Than She Had Bargained For


This woman bet twenty dollars and received a whole lot more than she had bargained for—more than a decades worth at that.

Jumping Right Into Things


The First Time Maggie Met Her Husband, they Jumped Right Into Things. For real. The Pair Of Strangers Jumped Straight Out Of An Airplane Right Into Love

Love Was In The Neighborhood


Love Was Just In The Neighbourhood And Decided To Stop By For Jacob Harris' Parents. Harris says that His Parents Live Right Across The Street from One.

She Thought He Was Trying To Rob The Bank

This Twitter user shares that her mom thought her dad was trying to rob the bank when they first met. It turns out he was a thief—a thief who stole her heart.