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10 Reasons To Start Your Day With A Sexy Tumble In Bed


November 09, 2020

Start your day on a high with a climax at the tippidy top of the morning. There are so many benefits to it for your body and your relationship.

Good sex is good at any time of the day, but good sex in the morning is especially good. Particularly because morning sex has some health-related benefits that your body will thank you for long after.

In a survey taken earlier this year, a thousand people were asked about morning sex. The results showed that over forty-five percent of women reported being more productive following a morning poke. I can’t imagine that you need further convincing, but if you do, here are ten reasons to start your day with sex:

1.     Morning Mood Booster

Many people like to start their morning off with some form of physical activity, be it a jog, a walk, or a morning yoga flow. These are endorphin-releasing activities that will make you feel good throughout your day, and this is the same chemical your body releases when you climax.

“Morning masturbation centers you psychologically by setting a pleasure-focused intention for the day,”

says sex and relationship therapist Chris Donaghuge, Ph.D.

2. Since You’re Already Here…

Minimal effort; maximum reward, am I right? You’re already in bed; you might as well roll over and bada bing bada boom.  Emily Morse, Ph.D., doctor of human sexuality and host of the Sex With Emily podcast, also shares that your partner is less likely to turn you down.

3. A Natural Painkiller

“Orgasms can help diminish pain,” says certified sex coach Lisa Rogers. This is due to the endorphins released at orgasm that have a dulling effect on common cramps, headaches, and pain.

4. Strengthen Your Relationship

"During sex of any kind, you release oxytocin, the cuddle chemical," says Morse. That means you'll feel more connected to your partner. Perhaps you ride out those feelings all day and pick up where you left off when you get home.

5. Combats Stress

Not only is oxytocin the chemical responsible for that bonding feeling, but it’s also useful for minimizing stress, which is perfect in the morning when you’re dreading your day, todos. Donaghue says, “It starts the day reminding you that work is important, but not the most important thing emotionally.”

6.     Morning Sex Is More Intimate

The morning light leaking through the windows and your partner in front of you in full view has a way of just upping the intimacy. The morning unfiltered you - behead, and all is precisely the stuff that will "deepen your connection with your partner," says Morse  

7.    Benefits For Your Immune System

This may be general, as sex will boost your immune system at any time. According to research, morning sex can strengthen your immune system by boosting your IgA levels - antibodies that help fight infection.

"Antibodies that are found in various places, including our saliva and vaginas. These antibodies protect the parts of our body that are exposed to outside foreign substances – so when you’re having sex – especially oral – you might just be fighting off some outside bacteria."

explains Morse.

8. Boosts Brain Power

Studies have shown sex can boost cognitive function and improve memory. A useful one to provide that much-needed focus for that Zoom seminar for work later on.


9. Gives Your Skin A Glow

Oestrogen is yet another hormone released by your body upon climax. It can improve the texture and tone of your skin and hair, resulting in that afterglow. “Blood rushes to all parts of the body, including the face,” says sex therapist Erica Evans-Weaver, PhD.

10.  Keeps Your Relationship Fresh

A dash of variety and spontaneity can keep the zest in your relationship. For whatever reason, you feel like you’d much rather stick to your nightly sex routine, consider morning sex occasionally for the extra spice.