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10 Reasons You're Not Getting Over Your Hair Growth Plateau


June 07, 2021

You've got hair. And you've got goals for this hair but for some reason, your progress seems to have suddenly come to an abrupt halt that you can't seem to get past.

Your hair hasn't necessarily stopped growing. The most likely reason you can't grow past a certain hair length is that you're not retaining your growth. 

That means that while your hair might be growing, it might be breaking off at the ends at almost the same rate that it's growing. This can make it seem as though your hair isn't growing. Here are some of the reasons you do not see your growth:

Insufficient Moisture

One of the primary determining factors to whether or not your hair will grow is moisture. Dry hair is susceptible to breaking, which can make your hair seem stuck at a certain length.


Many people report slow or no growth when their hair reaches shoulder-length. The reason might be that the tips of your hair are rubbing on the clothes causing damage and possible breakage at the ends. Put your hair in a protective style to minimize this friction.


Protective styling is only effective for promoting healthy, growing hair when it's done correctly. When it's overdone or too tightly done, it can be to the detriment of your hair's length retention.

Counterproductive Styling 

Not all hairstyles are protective of your hair. A protective style is considered a hairstyle in which the ends of your hair are tucked and protected. If your ends aren't protected, your protective style isn't doing its job.

Overuse Of Heat

Using too much heat in your hair can cause heat damage, resulting in weaker, dryer strands that are more susceptible to breakage. Remember always to use a heat protectant when using heat in your hair.

Using The Incorrect Tools

When detangling your hair, stay far away from fine-toothed combs. Instead, make sure you use a wide-tooth comb, a Denman brush, or a gentle detangling brush. Fine tooth combs can give rise to breakage.


Trimming is a contentious issue among some hair enthusiasts, but the idea of trimming is to get rid of frail old ends. This can promote stronger hair and less breakage, which can ultimately promote hair growth. At the very least, hair will look and feel healthier, and twist out can hold their curl with less frizz.

Lack Of A Routine 

Consistency is good for promoting hair growth. Build a routine that ensures that your hair is getting regular moisture and TLC. The fundamentals of a hair care regimen should ideally include deep conditioning, detangling, moisturizing, and sealing.


Harsh Practices

The hair color trend is chic and stylish, but chemical dyes are likely to cause some damage to the hair. This, among other harsh practices, can hold you back.


It's called a hair journey for a reason. Being curious about what works best for you and love your unique hair. You won't always get it "right" first but embrace where you are in the journey