10 Sex Wellness Podcasts To Listen To About Relationships And Sex

Mar 09, 2021
02:00 P.M.
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There's a podcast out there for everything. Podcasts are a great way to get your dose of news, entertainment, or sex eductaion.


While sexual wellness is a topic that we're starting to talk more about, it's still taboo in many spaces. Thankfully, some podcasts do the work of demystifying topics around sexual wellness.

The bit of knowledge shared in these spaces can help you start to think differently about intimacy and give you the confidence to speak about what can often be an awkward conversation. Open your world to new perspectives about intimacy and pleasure with these podcasts:

Where Should We Begin With Esther Perel


Esther Perel takes listeners into the space of real-life couples therapy sessions including some relatble problems that many couples face. The topics range from a variety of personal issues like sexlessness, to affairs. The different perspectives and the insightful questions that Perel presents open the listeners mind to new ways to think about intimate relationships.

The Sexually Liberated Woman


Delve into some very engaging topics with sex educator and sexuality doula Ev’Yan Whitney about topics around gender, desire, and essentially healing.

Doing It! with Hannah Witton


There is so much to unpack as far as sexual wellness is concerned including unlearning some of the notions that many of us have grown up and held on to. Hannah Witton speaks candidly with her sex-positive guests about these taboos like purity culture.

Authentic Sex Podcast with Juliet Allen


Sexologist and tantra practitioner Juliet Allen's approach to the podcast is to engage on the topic of sexual wellness holistically.

CockTales: Dirty Discussions


This podcast hosted by best friends Kiki Said So, and former "Temptation Island" star Medinah Monroe feels like mature "girl chat." The pair provide sex tips and interesting sex-related topics.

The Dildorks


Award-winning journalist Kate Sloan and sex educator Bex Caputo is all about the dorky discourse on dating, sex, and masturbating. Bex and Kate are also a pleasure to listen to with their witty and smart conversation.

Why Are People Into That?


Kinks and fantasies can be a particularly touchy subject for some but nothing is off the table with the host Tina Horn. Learn more about the things some people are too shy to talk about.

Turn Me On


"Turn Me On" is a podcast hosted by Jeremie and Bryde, a married, polyamorous couple. The two chat about all things pleasure and intimacy-related.

Angela Yee’s Lip Service


Radio personality and host of "The Breakfast Club" hosts a fun podcast in which she interviewers some prominent guests about sex and relationships. She's had Megan Thee Stallion, John Legend, and Lizzo, among many others.

Dear Jessamyn

Hosted by partners Jessamyn and Ashe, "Dear Jessamyn" delve into the world of non-monogomous relationships. The episodes are about ten minutes short answering questions about polyamory.