10 Signs He Only Wants Sex From You

Sexual relationships are great, but only if both parties are on the same page. Are you unsure if he considers you a friend or just someone he wants to have a sexual relationship with? This is an opportunity to take stock.

Honesty is always the best policy, and this applies in relationships. It is unfair to lead your partner into believing you want more out of your union when in all honesty, sex is what you want from her.

However, the deed has been done, and it is time to watch out for the signs to understand his true intentions, especially if you are already falling in love with him.

1. He Always Wants To Have Sex Whenever You Hang Out

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The easiest way to tell the difference between a man who likes you and a guy who ONLY wants to have sex with you is to dive into your memory: have you ever spent time together without having sex? Not even once? 

Well ladies, if the person you see isn’t able to stay a few hours or an evening with you without trying to have sex, that’s all they want. Sleeping with you is then his only reason to see you.

2. You’ve Never Had A Real Date

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Have you never had an actual date? Is it to eat a piece of cold pizza and sleep with him every time he asks to see you? That is problematic. For a good reason, dates are for men who see themselves as boyfriends, not for those who consider themselves sex-friends. 

If, for example, you have never seen him outside his home or your home, or at the restaurant and even less at the cinema, ask yourself questions!

3. He Is Always Rushing To The Bedroom

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Don’t expect afternoon tea in the kitchen or spending time in the living room with this guy. He optimized his sex time by eliminating conversations.

He doesn’t even bother to know how you are doing and how your day went. This is an effective way to tell if he is serious or not.

4. He Is Disappointed When You Invite Him Over For Movies

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Most guys are like, “Okay, that’s cool. Watching a movie is a nice consolation prize.” But when you firmly push his wandering hand away, he is suddenly exhausted and has to go home. 

And strangely, he never calls you back and can even go so far as to ghost you, and so much the better! If this kind of relationship doesn’t suit you, run away rather than waste your time.

5. He Doesn’t Want You Sleeping Over At His

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He never openly asks you to leave. Obviously, that would prevent him from sleeping with you again. But he always has “something” planned very early the following day: a family breakfast or a tax appointment. 

Regardless, he does everything to get you out. Even better, he doesn’t check in with you to see if you’re home, even at 3 a.m. If he’s not concerned about your safety, then you don’t matter to him.

6. He Doesn’t Want You Leaving Your Things Behind At His Place

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We all know this technique which consists of leaving a little top or a toothbrush lying around in the house of the person we are seeing. But the guy who sees you as a fling does everything to make sure you don’t forget anything. Not even a bra. Nothing. 

It’s his way of stripping you of any excuse to come back when he doesn’t want to see you. What more do you want as signs that this man doesn’t care about you?

7. You Have Never Met His Friends

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If he saw you as his girlfriend, you would have met his friends already. The less information you have about him, the easier it is for him not to hear from you again. If you don’t know who he spends his time with, where he lives, or his last name, he can very quickly disappear. 

And when he asks you to join him at a party, no sooner have you arrived than he does everything to get home. This is called the phenomenon of stashing, and it is not easy to live with.

8. He Is Always Busy When You Text Him First

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As he is selfish and cowardly, he is inevitably incapable of telling you that he considers your relationship a sexual one. So he tries to make it clear to you by not responding to any of your messages. On the other hand, it’s not the same story for naughty messages as for romantic ones.

9. He Only Texts You At Night

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A man who does not write to you until midnight, no matter the day, is a little bit suspicious. It is often late at night that the urge to slip his hand in his underwear arises. Exchanging a few sexts or a booty call with you might be a way for him to get excited.

If you notice that he doesn’t give any sign of life before sunset, even on weekends, then he’s shutting you out of his life. He only wants sex.

10. All Your Conversations Are Flirtatious

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Whenever you talk to him, he finds a way to divert the conversation to sex. He doesn’t even hide it anymore. For example, you send him a text to tell him that you are shopping. He replies, “Oh, are you in a store now? I’d love to have sex with you in a dressing room!” You better stop messaging him.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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