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10 Things To Avoid Saying To Your Man

Men can also be quite sensitive. It's not about mean insults or obscene swear words, but about minor, nasty remarks or impatient longings that sometimes just slip out of us. Who doesn't want a happy relationship? So that it lasts a long time, talking is very important.

But saying the wrong things can lead to a breakup sooner or later as well. Because some sentences or words are simply taboo - they are harmful and by no means productive. Often they also show that respect for one another has been lost. So don't fall into these traps and do better!

Guys want an uncomplicated girlfriend who makes them feel adorable and unique. A single thoughtless sentence can be enough, and your date will be gone sooner than you can say, "Sorry."

1. Swear Words

Swear words should be taboo in the relationship. Sometimes it starts insidiously - A "you idiot" may seem harmless, but it makes your partner appear in a bad light.

Even in an argument, you should try to tame yourself and stay objective. Because once swear words are the order of the day, it is already too late.

2. Discuss Another Man's Attractiveness

Of course, everyone wants to be attractive to their partner. However, for this to work, positive words are needed. Anyone who says to their partner that the neighbor is more attractive has lost.

3. Repeated Accusations

But if the allegations keep repeating themselves, it can be really annoying after a certain period. After that, it doesn't get any better most of the time, but the positions become more rigid and unyielding. A friendly "I would be happy if you ..." can sometimes achieve significantly better results.

4. Calling Him A Mama's Boy

Ouch! No man really likes to hear that, even if he has a great love for his mother. If you want to marry this man, you will also marry his mom. That's the deal, even if the prospects are challenging. Either you make friends with this idea and adore his mother as he does - or you look for a new friend.

5. "Look At That Pretty Woman Over There"

More self-respect, please! Because this type of "fishing for compliments" usually turns out to be a shot in the oven. He may agree with you, and you will promptly get into an argument because you get jealous.

Next, you might slip, "Do you think she is better than me?" or even "Would you go to bed with someone like that?" Out. Leave it! Better be direct: "Don't you think I look gorgeous today?"

6. Telling Him To Loosen Up

Just because you're a party mouse and love to get out on the dance floor doesn't automatically mean your introverted friend has to go along with everything. Advice that he should relax and not be such a bore hurts him.

7. Bashing His Sense Of Style

Especially when it comes to fashion, you shouldn't hand it out so mercilessly because that's a hard blow to your partner's ego. So even if you don't like his clothes at all, you should keep your opinion to yourself.

Be clever: let a piece disappear here and there, go shopping with him and bring him a new shirt or sweater from each of your shopping trips. You can gradually update his wardrobe - according to your taste!

8. Saying He Will Never Make It

Are you crazy? Even if he's a gentle softie instead of a demanding career guy, you have no right to blame him if the great success hasn't worked out yet.


Maybe afterward, he really believes that he is a born loser who will really never take off. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. As his girlfriend or wife, you have to support, motivate and help him - but you must never judge him.

9. "I Don't Need Anyone"

It is excellent when you are self-employed and independent and can get your life under control on your own. But if you constantly emphasize that you are super happy with yourself and don't really need anyone - what exactly is he supposed to do in your life?

10. "You Have Always Been Like This"

This sentence is tantamount to surrender and robs the other of any chance to change something. The statement is always aimed at negative behaviors. We cannot change character traits completely, and you knew he was that way before accepting him.